The Blitz Craig are a group of enigmatic villains who oppose the Super friends. They are a group of warlike humans that reside in the Kyra Realm, and concoct schemes to destroy them by using calculating tactics and teamwork. They are led by the warlike Mia Aw Rak-Hi. They are one of the main antagonists of the Super Friends 2020 series, along with Dokuhebi and his faction.

They eventually team up with the Fallen Amazons. Aphrodite warns the Super Friends about two threats - the Blitz Craig (along with the Fallen Amazons) and Dokuhebi.


  • Mia Aw Rak-Hi: The leader of the Blitz Craig. She is seen making a meal for her comrades Blitz and Hoshi CL. Despite her tender side, it is best not to get on her bad side.
  • Lightning Blitz: The second in command to the Blitz Craig.
  • Hoshi CL: The princess of the Blitz Craig. She can be seen eating a parfait in the 1st episode.
  • Nancy Blake: The spy for the Blitz Craig. She first debuts in episode 2.


  • Fuanteina - a former monster who once worked for Bigger Monsters for Hire.


  • They are similar to the Druidon Tribe, albeit with several differences.
    • The Druidon are divided and don't trust each other except for Kleon whom they tolerate. The Blitz Craig uses teamwork to destroy the Super Friends.
    • Their leader is an alien, whereas Mia is a human.
    • Mia debuts in the 1st episode while their leader debuts in episode 40, near the end of Ryusoulger.
    • Eras does not care for the Druidons as they defied her original orders of protecting the Earth, but Mia cares about her comrades to the point of being a mama bear.
  • Blitz Craig is a pun on the word Blitzkrieg.
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