Bless This House is a 2018 horror film based on a short film made by the writer in 2007. It is directed by John Carpenter. The film was released in some countries as Evil in this House, which is why the sequels are referred to as the Evil House series. These include Return to Evil House, Escape from Evil House and Horror of Evil House.


A dysfunctional family moves into a new house, where strange things start to happen. Young Johnathan's mind begins playing tricks on him...and on others. Soon, the family are locked into a deadly fight for their own survival.


  • Ty Simpkins as Johnathan Smith
  • Amanda Seyfried as Mandy Bennet
  • Forrest Landis as Darren Bennet
  • Maria Canals Barrera as Carmen Bennet
  • Bryan Cranston as Leland Bennet


  • Real Estate Agent - Devoured in car
  • Wayne - Dragged off of bed and devoured
  • Thomas - Dragged under Johnathan's bed and devoured
  • Mandy - Pulled in closet and devoured
  • Carmen - Attacked in kitchen, dragged away and killed offscreen
  • Leland - Attacked in shed and devoured
  • Johnathan - Dragged and presumably eaten by his own monster
  • The Monster - Presumably ceased to exist as it accidentally consumed its own creator, Johnathan
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