Bleed is British melodic death metal band Angella's third studio album, released on April 22, 2006. It is the band's second album to be produced by American producer Jacob Vindic through Vindictive Records. The album was originally titled Goodbye, Shatham Hall but was changed at the last minute. The song "Trinity III" is the third in a series of "Trinity" songs.


Angella's third album was generally well received: "Bleed is refreshing from classic Angella seen in their previous two releases. They lighten the mood with some humour in their songs, which makes this a rather enjoyable album."

Track listing

  1. "Why Are You So Emotional?" - 5:00
  2. "For Thrills" - 6:00
  3. "Bleed" - 4:50
  4. "Asphyxiation" - 6:02
  5. "Trials and Tribulations of A College Slut" - 5:00
  6. "Murder's Out, Cults Are In" - 6:00
  7. "This Is The Part When I Lay Down And Supposedly Die But I Get In About Five Minutes When Your Gone" - 7:00
  8. "Exceptionally" - 4:00
  9. "Make Sure You Clean The Murder Weapon" - 6:00
  10. "Trinity III"
  11. "Goodbye, Shatham Hall" - 6:32
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