This is the theatrical trailer for Blaze's Big Movie. It was released in theaters on December 18th, 2015.

Trailer Transcript

  • (The trailer begins with the Nickelodeon logo.)
  • Narrator: In February 14, 2017..... Episode 1 Part 1 and 2 the previous that Shimmer and Shine become genies, that got this cover were named....
  • Zeta (villan): I will ingage magicworld!
  • Shimmer: Boom-zharm-ay!
  • Shimmer and Shine: Best genies today!
  • Narrator: On 2017, for the first time, Shimmer and Shine face their fo of evil to fight crime.
  • Zeta (villan): Let's get those genies destroyed!
  • Shine: Bet you can't beat me down!
  • Zeta (villan): This will take easy non-animate.
  • Shine: Y-YO SHINE!!!! (kicks the mirror)
  • Narrator: Life was the performance of the villan named zeta invaded magicworld
  • Shimmer: Ridgby?
  • Ridgby: Keep clear.
  • Iyiyi: Took madness, is soooo wrong.
  • Narrator: Until one day, leahship because a party with balloons and candy canes will take it tough.
  • Smarty-pants: Eh, why did shine kicked the mirror last year?
  • Geasemachine: I wonder if he is getting too frustrated in the bathtub float the burst down he is so scared of heights.
  • Narrator: And chaos ensues in Magic-valintine
  • (Everyone is panicking and backing away from the ground cracking.)
  • Shine: Whoa, whoa!
  • Shimmer: Our magic! their gone!
  • (Cuts to Bump Bumperman reporting.)
  • Bump Bumperman: This is Bump Bumperman here, reporting on the scene of what looks like the end of magicworld. And I am glad I am not in thi- WHAAAH! OH NO!
  • Narrator: Now only seven kids and a hundred trillon peapole....
  • Shimmer and Shine: (shines to the bright)
  • Narrator: ...have to save Magic-world.
  • (Shimmer and his friends are climbing up the jagged rock mountain.)
  • Perky: (pokes himself) Ow!
  • Narrator: And they are given special powermations to help them.
  • Shine (offscreen): Oh no! We're outnumbered!
  • (Cuts to a rapid-fire montage of clips from the movie until it cuts to black. The text My Genies2: Must Take Shadeshawn fades onto the screen.)
  • Narrator: My Genies2: Must Take Shadeshawn.
  • Shimmer and Shine: Magical Genies Defined!
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