Blaze's Big Movie is a film based on the Nick Jr. series, Blaze and the Monster Machines. It was released in theaters on February 9th, 2016. It is 91 minutes long.


Axle City has been taken over by an evil truck named Dr. Tire Grease. Blaze and his friends are on a big quest to get to the tower of Dr. Tire Grease. Along the way, they meet a wizard that gives them special powers to fight Dr. Tire Grease and save Axle City.


The movie begins with Blaze and AJ racing against Crusher in another race. Starla, Darington, Zeg, Stripes, and Gabby are rooting for Blaze. Pickle is rooting for Crusher. Crusher tries to cheat by putting objects in Blaze's way, but Blaze keeps moving them out of his way. Blaze wins the race. The crowd is cheering wildly for Blaze. Crusher gets angry and complains about Blaze winning again. He hits the wall seperating the bleachers from the race track, and a brick falls on his head. Pickle laughs at the brick falling on his head. Starla, Darington, Zeg, Stripes, and Darington drive to Blaze telling him how awesome he is for winning that race.

Later, Blaze, AJ, Starla, Darington, Zeg, Stripes, and Darington are at Gabby's garage. Professor Big-Brains comes in. His muffler is dented and spluttering. Gabby fixes up Professor Big-Brains. After being repaired, Professor Big-Brains tells Blaze and his friends, that his evil twin, Dr. Tire Grease, is about to take over Axle City. Blaze and his friends were shocked to hear that. Professor Big-Brains tells them that Dr. Tire Grease is about to take over Axle City in his lair at the top of a mountain with jagged rocks. He tells them every time he mentions it, his puppy, Harmony, a small spaniel, gets even more scared. The professor asks Blaze and AJ if they will look after her for a little while, and they agree.

Dr. Tire Grease is working on his inventions to take over Axle City. They are a storm cloud maker, a bubblegum bomb shooter, an earthquake machine, and robot minions. His sidekick, Small Tires, asks him if it is going to work. Dr. Tire Grease tells him that it is going to work and hopes it does. Blaze and his friends drive out of Gabby's garage and truck wash to warn the entire city about Dr. Tire Grease. Dr. Tire Grease is warming up his inventions as Blaze and his friends are warning Axle City. As they nearly warned everyone, Dr. Tire Grease's inventions have finished warming up and he and Small Tires turn them on. Storm clouds appear in the sky, the ground starts shaking and cracking, bubblegum bombs fly everywhere and explode near other trucks, sticking them to bubblegum, and robot minions are chasing trucks around Axle City.

Crusher has come out of the truck wash with the brick dust cleaned off. He notices that the sky is different. He sees a bubblegum bomb flying towards him and drives away from it before it explodes. Crusher and Pickle peek outside and see everyone panicking. Robot minions were chasing them. The ground's cracks come near them and they go back in, hiding from the danger outside. Blaze and his friends dodge all of the dangerous stuff and go back in Gabby's garage. They see Crusher and Pickle cowering in fear. Crusher and Pickle tell them what had happened to them. Bump Bumperman was reporting the disaster in Axle City. A bubblegum bomb lands near him and it explodes, covering Bump Bumperman and the camera in bubblegum.

Blaze, AJ, Gabby, Starla, Darington, Zeg, Stripes, Crusher, and Pickle are watching the destruction outside. Starla, Darington, Zeg, Stripes, Crusher, and Pickle are all worried about Axle City and are clamoring about what would happen, and Harmony starts whimpering and howling. Blaze yells at them to stop. He tells them that they could go over to Dr. Tire Grease's lair and save Axle City. AJ, Gabby, Starla, Darington, Zeg, Stripes, and Pickle like the idea. So does Athena, and she reveals that she can actually talk, much to their surprise. Blaze and his friends ask Crusher to help them. Crusher agrees to help. He thinks this is his first time becoming a hero. They all drive off, dodging all of the dangerous obstacles.

They all drive into the canyon where they move out of the way of bubblegum bombs rolling into their path and dodge the cracks in the ground. With help from the viewers, they jump over the cracks in the ground and duck under the bubblegum bombs. Dr. Tire Grease is watching them in the canyon through his crystal ball. He unleashes some of his robot minions out of his lair wearing parachutes falling towards the canyon. Blaze and his friends all notice the robot minions coming to them. AJ uses his watch to shoot the robot minions. Dr. Tire Grease sends a second batch of parachuting robot minions down, which AJ shoots with his watch. Dr. Tire Grease tries making another batch by pressing the button repeatedly, but the robot minions shoot out at him, dogpiling on him.

Blaze and his friends leave the canyon and come to a hedge maze. They get some help from the viewers to go right, up, right, up, left, up, right, down, right, up, and out of the maze. Blaze thanks the viewers for their help to get them out of the hedge maze. They drive to the bottom of the jagged mountain where Dr. Tire Grease lives. They start climbing up the rocks. Crusher keeps getting poked by the rocks. Dr. Tire Grease sees them climbing up the mountain. He unleashes his bubblegum bombs down below. Blaze and his friends dodge the bubblegum bombs and hide in a small cave in the mountain. Harmony, Gabby, Starla, Darington, Zeg, Stripes, Crusher, and Pickle are worried about what they should do. Blaze and AJ are thinking of a way. They take a little peek outside and see a small house at the top of the cave. Blaze and AJ's friends like the idea.

Pickle grabs some bubblegum on the ground and chews on it, until he blows a big bubble which floats up to the house, with Crusher, Zeg, Stripes, Starla, Darington, Blaze, AJ, and Gabby holding on. They all quickly get in the house. They spot a wizard truck cleaning the bubblegum off of the roof with his magic wand. Blaze and his friends say hello to the kind wizard. The wizard tells them that bubblegum bombs keep falling on his roof because of Dr. Tire Grease. Blaze and his friends tell them that they are on a quest to save Axle City from Dr. Tire Grease. The wizard decides to give them special powers to help them fight Dr. Tire Grease.

Athena now has fairy powers, AJ and Gabby become tool ninjas, Zeg becomes a missile-launching battering ram, Darington becomes a knight, Starla becomes a Wonder-Woman parody with a big and long lasso, Stripes becomes a robot tiger with a robot visor, longer, retractable claws, and a louder roar, Pickle becomes Jungle Pickle (from Pickle of the Jungle) again, but this time more powerful, Crusher becomes an icing-shooting monster machine, and Blaze is given a very special power. With the viewers' help, Blaze becomes a monster machine with bigger tires with lots of grip, lots of ultrasonic, super blazing speed, two giant titanium wrecking balls at the back, and a laser shooter on his undercarriage.

The wizard tells them to go up to Dr. Tire Grease's lair to fight him and save Axle City. Blaze and his friends leave the wizard's house as the wizard gets back to cleaning up his roof. Darington leads the way blocking the bubblegum bombs with his shield. Dr. Tire Grease is amazed that his plan is working. Suddenly, Blaze and the gang barges in. Small Wheels fears that he and Dr. Tire Grease are outnumbered. Dr. Tire Grease tells Small Wheels not for long as he presses a button that unleashes his robot minions. Blaze and his friends all fight the robots. Blaze and AJ see the citizens back at Axle City panicking. They tell Pickle and Starla to save the citizens from the disaster. Pickle and Starla save the citizens at Axle City while the others fight Dr. Tire Grease's robot minions.

When they fight all of the robot minions, they have Dr. Tire Grease and Small Tires to deal with. Small Tires drive off scared. Blaze asks Dr. Tire Grease who is outnumbered now. When Pickle and Starla come back, they fight Dr. Tire Grease with Blaze and the others. Later, Dr. Tire Grease threatens to shoot a bunch of bubblegum bombs at them. Blaze gets an idea. He tells Crusher to shoot icing all over Dr. Tire Grease. Crusher does so, knocking Dr. Tire Grease out of his lair, and into a muddy puddle, where Small Tires is at. Small Tires laughs at him.

AJ gives Blaze a microphone. He announces to the whole city that the disaster will be over momentarily. Blaze and the gang all turn off Dr. Tire Grease's machines. Axle City has been saved. Blaze and his friends all cheer. They all drive back to Axle City where everyone celebrates their rescue. The mayor of Axle City congratulates them for their bravery and gives each of them gold medals. Blaze and his friends decide to have a big celebration in Axle City. After the celebration. Blaze and Crusher decide to have another race. The movie ends.


  • Blaze
  • AJ
  • Starla
  • Zeg
  • Darington
  • Stripes
  • Gabby
  • Crusher
  • Pickle
  • Harmony
  • Professor Big Brains
  • Small Tires
  • Dr. Tire Grease
  • Wizard


Sneak Peek

On Tuesday February 14, 2017 on Nickelodeon, a sneak peek for My Secret Genies2 has aired. Click here for the transcript of the sneak peek.

Film Transcript

Click here for the film's transcript.

  • Last time in shimmer in shine....
  • Shimmer: "Hey! I scored again!"
  • Shine: "So what? You can't beat me down!"
  • Shimmer: "Oh, yeah? Hydeff! Galty!"
  • Hydeff and Glaty: "Yes?"
  • Shimmer: "Make a shot in a hole right now BECAUSE-"
  • Hydeff: "What?"
  • Shimmer: "Stay there, and don't let it fuck you or you will be grounded."
  • Glaty: "There is lots of times we can spend."
  • Hydeff: "Uhhhhh....... I dunno. But why?"
  • To be continued in episode 1 part 1 and 2.
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