Blade:Twilight is a 2011 short horror film directed by David S. Henry, and written by Mark Pitt. It stars Wesley Snipes as the title character, and actually doesn't fit into the Blade canon. It is meant as a joke.


Blade is walking through a forest, silent. It is night-time and all we can hear besides his breathing, is the sound of rustling through the leaves. He takes his samurai sword out, and announces that he can hear him. He says that he knows who he is. Suddenly, Edward Cullen comes out. Blade stabs him in his stomach, only to learn that his skin is as hard as a diamond. Blade and Edward fight one on, ending with Edward dead.

However, a bunch of other vampires appear. In a very tense moment, they start attacking Blade, as he fends them off, werewolfs appear, and start fighting Blade and the Vampires. The film cuts to darkness, leaving the fate of Blade, the vampires, and the werewolfs, up in the air.

Concept and Creation

Mark Pitt wanted to create a short film, in order to prove to studios that he could make a good Blade film. The film itself has become a rarity, but Mark has announced that it will be on the Blade: Nightfall DVD.


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