Blade: Trinity is a 2012 American superhero horror film based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. It is a remake of the 2004 film directed by Sam Raimi and starring Jamie Foxx, Sam Elliott, Jennifer Lawrence and Liev Schreiber. It is a sequel to Blade and Blade 2.


At the beginning of the film, a group of vampires led by Danica Talos are investigating a tomb in Syria. Beneath the tomb they locate the body of Dracula, who suddenly wakes up and kills one of them.

Next, we see Blade battling a group of vampires. He is confused when he shoots a stake into the chest of one of them, but they do not. Lying on the ground, the wounded man reveals that he is actually just a vampire familia, having set Blade up as the FBI is hunting him, believing him to be a serial killer. Enraged, Blade stomps the stake into the man's chest.

The FBI manage to locate Blade's hideout and a deadly siege ensues. Blade's mentor and friend Abraham Whistler gets into a firefight with the FBI, during which he is shot. Bleeding heavily, Whistler uses a bomb to destroy the hideout as well as possible evidence against Blade. Blade, shocked by Whistler's death, is unable to go on and is arrested.

At the local police station, Blade is interrogated and drugged by a psychologist, Dr Edgar Vance, who then discreetly reveals to Blade his familiar status. A group of medical personnel then arrive to escort Blade away. Unbeknownst to the FBI, these are vampires, led by Danica. Suddenly, a man named Hannibal King bursts into the room and starts killing vampires, enticing Danica to flee. He rescues Blade and they are assisted by a crossobw wielding woman named Abigail. During the escape, Abigail shoots a vampire by the name of Jarko Grimwood through the eye, resulting in him having to wear an eyepatch for the rest of the movie.

At King's hideout, Blade is properly introduced to his saviours; Hannibal King once engaged in a one-night stand with Danica, who then turned him into her lackey. He was later rescued by Abigail, who turns out to be Whistler's daughter. They then set up a gang of vampire hunters calling themselves the Nightstalkers. They discuss the fact that the vampires have ressurected Dracula, the original vampire. Dracula is explained to have been the first vampire and as such, he was also a daywalker. The vampires wish to use his blood to create an army of daywalkers and finally conquer the world. The Nightsalkers have been working on a biological weapon, the DayStar, to use against the vampires, but believe they can make it more powerful and far more lethal if they use Dracula's blood. There is a catch however; as Blade is part vampire, it could possibly kill him.

Blade, King and Abigail head for Vance's office to confront him and learn more about the vampires, but are calmly greeted by Vance. King then spots Vance's corpse on the floor and realises that they are dealing with the shape shifting Dracula, who manages to stab King in the chest, albeit not fatally. Dracula escapes by jumping through a window but Blade follows and pursues him across the city. Dracula shows an affinity for Blade, as they both warriors of honour. Dracula recognizes, however, that they will never fight for the same side, and vanishes.

While King recovers in the Nightstalker hideout, Blade, Abigail and a Nightstalker called Frank Drake find a warehouse where the vampires are draining numerous homeless people slowly of their blood. The idea is to maintain a food source for the vampires once they take over the world. They encounter one of the FBI agents who captured Blade, revealing himself as a familiar. Blade kills him, disgusted, and then performs euthanasia by shutting off the life support system.

Meanwhile, Dracula invades the Nightstalker hideout and slaughters most of the Nightstalkers, kidnapped King and returning him to the vampire hideout at Talos Pharmaceuticals, owned by Danica and her brother Asher. Blade, Abigail and Drake return to discover the carnage, so Blad encourages Abigail to use the DayStar, regardless of the consequences for himself.

Blade, Abigail and Drake mount an assault on Talos Pharmaceuticals whiel King is tortured by Grimwood and Asher. A fight breaks out and Abigail frees King, allowing him to take Grimwood on in a face to face showdown. During the battle, Drake is killed and Abigail kills Asher. King manages to stick a garlic capsule into Grimwood's mouth, killing him.

Blade and Dracula confront each other and a final sword fight ensues. Dracula gains the upper hand and knocks Blade to the floor. Abigail tries to shoot Drake with the DayStar arrow, but he senses it and dodges. Danica then attacks Abigail. Blade manages to retrieve the arrow and uses it to stab Dracula, unleashing the virus. The DayStar spreads throughout the building and kills all of the vampires. As Danica weakens, King and Abigail finish her off. 

Blade survives the DayStar as he is a half breed. A dying Dracula senses the approacing FBI and as a parting gift to the man who bested him, Dracula morphs his body into that of Blade's, allowing Blade, Abigail and King to escape. The FBI arrive to find the vaporized remains of the vampires as well as Dracula's corpse, who they mistake  for Blade. As such, they call of the manhunt for him.

In the aftermath, Abigail reveals that she retrieved a blood sample from Dracula, enabling them to create a new DayStar with maximized effects. They release it and it spreads across the globe, systematically wiping the vampires out. The Nightstalkers, having won the war, triumphantly watch the sunrise.


Jamie Foxx - Eric Brookss/Blade

Sam Elliott - Abraham Whistler

Jennifer Lawrence - Abigail Whistler

Kiefer Sutherland - Frank Drake

Liev Schreiber - Dracula

Lena Heady - Danica Talos

Timothy Olyphant - Asher Talos

Tyler Mane - Jarko Grimwood

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