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Blade: Rise of the Daywalker is an upcoming vampire superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character Blade and a reboot of the previous film series starring Wesley Snipes. Directed by James McTeigue, Blade: Rise of the Daywalker stars Erik King as the titular vampire hunter, with Thandie Newton as his love interest Karen Jenson and Benicio del Toro as the main antagonist, Michael Morbius. Kiefer Sutherland, Ron Glass and Michael Biehn appear in supporting roles. The film was scored by Tyler Bates and is the first Blade film in the Marvel Movie Universe. It was followed by Blade: Tomb of Dracula.


A heavily pregnant woman, prostitute Vanessa Brooks (Beyoncé), is rushed to hospital while bleeding heavily from a vicious neck wound. This triggers her labour, and she dies after giving birth to a baby boy and naming him Eric.

However, Eric develops the tendencies of a vampire and runs wild on the streets for most of his early life, driven mad by his thirst for blood, before being rescued in Harlem by a jazz player and veteran vampire hunter Jamal Afari (Ron Glass). Jamal concocts a serum which can control the boy's urges to drink blood.

Years later, Eric is now known as Blade (Erik King), a Dhampir a Daywalker, someone possesses all the strengths of a vampire, but none of their weaknesses bar their taste for blood. Blade storms into an underground rave being held by a vampire group, who have kidnapped a young woman. He arrives too late to save the girl, but avenges her but killing all of the vampires present.

The woman's mother contacts private investigator Frank Drake (Kiefer Sutherland) and asks him to find out what really happened to her daughter, as the police appear to be covering the massacre up. Drake and his secretary Karen Jenson (Thandie Newton) visit the crime scene to try and figure out what happened, but are ordered to leave by Officer Krieger (Colin Hanks). Krieger is subsequently revealed to be a vampire familiar, a human who serves the vampires. He informs vampire crime boss Lucas Brand (Michael Biehn), the organizer of the rave, of Drake and Karen's activies, and is ordered to take care of them.

Meanwhile, OsCorp scientist Michael Morbius (Benicio del Toro) is attempting to create a cure for his rare blood disease, but while working late at the lab he is annoyed by a bat which has gotten into the air vent. Climbing up on his chair to try and get rid of it, Morbius is instead attacked by the bat and falls over, resulting in him being bathed in his experimental chemicals. The bat also bites him, and Morbius passes out. When he wakes up on the operating table in a hospital, he goes berserk and kills the medical crew, eventually cornering a young nurse and biting her to drink her blood. Morbius realizes that he has become a vampire as a result of the accident.

Karen returns home to her apartment one day to find Krieger waiting for her. He tries to intimidate her, when Blade suddenly appears and drags Krieger out of a window. Karen tells Drake about her encounter and the mysterious rescuer, intriguing Drake. Blade interrogates Krieger, forcing him to reveal who he is working for. Blade then lets Krieger go, telling him to inform Brand that he'll be coming for him before disappearing. Elsewhere, Morbius tries to kill himself by walking out into the sunlight, but finds himself immune. Horrified, Morbius identifies himself as a “living vampire” and retreats into the sewers.

Drake and Karen again return to the scene of the rave massacre, only to find that they have been ambushed by vampires. Blade unexpectedly enters and the ensuing fight spills over into the subway system, where Drake and Karen are separated by a passing train. Karen is bitten by a vampire, so Blade takes her back to his lair and has Jamal clean her wounds. They treat her quickly enough to stop her from changing into a vampire.

Blade explains to Karen that vampires are real and live all around her, and warns that she may now be in danger as she has witnessed them. Karen tells Blade that she wants to help him in stopping the vampire menace, so he agrees to give her secret training. She returns to Drake, but doesn't tell him about Blade. Meanwhile, Morbius, who witnessed the underground fight, begins to build a machine which he hopes will reverse the process. He fails, but finds that the machine is capable of changing people into vampires after he tests it on a homeless person.

Blade and Karen storm into a penthouse apartment where a vampire party is being held. Brand is present and fights Blade before being throw off the roof. Krieger then appears, now a vampire, and joins the fight. He knocks Blade into a water feature and tries to drown him, until Karen shoves an explosive pellet into his mouth. Krieger's head is then blown off, and Blade thanks Karen for saving him.

Morbius visits Brand and his men, now hiding out in a seedy bar, and offers them a partnership which will change the world in the favour of vampires. Morbius has become aware of Blade's activities and believes that he poses a threat to his plans. Brand and his goons agree.

Brand and his men invade Blade's lair, where they brutally attack Jamal and bite him. Blade returns to find Jamal a bloody mess. Jamal warns Blade that Morbius is planning something big, and it has something to do with the Statue of Liberty. Blade promises to kill Morbius and the other vampires in retaliation, before Jamal forces Blade to give him his gun. Blade silently walks away as Jamal shoots himself to prevent himself from becoming a vampire.

Blade and Karen learn that a summit of world leaders is being held on Ellis Island, and Morbius plans to use his machine to transform them into vampires. Karen tells Drake to try and get the leaders away from Ellis Island, while she and Blade scale the Statue of Liberty to confront Morbius. Morbius activates the machine and then faces Blade. Before they fight, Brand enters with a captive Karen, and Morbius stabs her. Blade, having not taken any of his serum in hours, is weakened and collapses. Morbius and Brand exit, and Karen tells Blade to replenish himself by drinking her blood. He reluctantly does so and she dies in his arms.

Enraged, Blade attacks the vampires and kills most of them off. Brand shouts “Catch ya later, Blade” and leaps off of the statue. Blade climbs onto the head, where he confronts Morbius. Morbius gains the upper hand, so Blade throws his sword into the machine, causing it to malfunction and overload. Morbius leaps onto it in a vain attempt to save the machine, but is too late. The machine explodes, vaporizing Morbius, while the shockwave knocks Blade off of the statute and he falls into the water. He survives due to his vampire properties, but Drake and the other witnesses presume him to be dead.

A short time later, a gentleman is seen dragging a Russian woman into a back alley in Moscow, where he bites and kills her. The vampire is revealed to be Brand, who is then confronted by Blade when he exits the alley. Blade asks Brand if he thought he forgot about him, draws his sword and smiles, ending the film.


Erik King - Eric Brooks/Blade

Thandie Newton - Karen Jenson

Benicio del Toro - Michael Morbius, the Living Vampire

Kiefer Sutherland - Frank Drake

Ron Glass - Jamal Afari

Michael Biehn - Lucas Brand

Colin Hanks - Krieger

Beyoncé Knowles - Vanessa Brooks