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Annabelle Sweets is driving through her homeown Beacon Bay and she has a flashback of her when she was thirteen year's old and her twinsister Yvette and her friend Rose gives Annabell thirty dollars if she goes in and Annabell dose only to see Mr. Ryder beat a guy in the head with a baseball bat and Annabell runs out of the mansion.

When Annabell gets home her fiance Ronod and her friends surprise her witha Birthday Party.That night while Annabell and Ronold have sex a person with a hood on is watching them from the window.

The next night( Annabell who is cheating on Ronold with two other boys there names are Josh and Titus)goes to Josh's house for a party.A guy named Jamar(who Annabelle and Yvette hate)goes to his room and a person walks in and stabs him to death.Annabelle goes to use the bathroom only to find Jamar's dead body and the police come.

The next day Ronold has to go out of town and Annabell gets notes and text messages saying she killed Jamar and Annabelle stays the night with Rose and her boyfriend Tad and so dose Yvette and they go to a club.While Tad and Annabell are dancing the lights goes out and when they come back on there's blood on Annabell's hand and Tad is laying on the floor dead.

That morning two of Annabelle's friends Shannon and Kim go walking in the woods behind her house and they find one of Annabell's friends Don hanging from a tree.That afternoon they go to the park and Annabelle goes to the bathroom only to be locked in there and the bathroom gets set on fire and Annabelle breaks the ceiling and jumps from the port potie.

Holly(Don's girlfriend)knows who killed him because that person called and told him to meet him in the woods and Holly calls that person and that person says they will giver her 9 million dollars if she doesn't tell the police.Annabell then has another flashback of her,Rose and Yvette running back to the house and Annabell tells her mom what she saw and Mr.Ryder comes in with a gun and Annabell has another flashback of when she is six and her Dad is telling her that a shotgun is kept behind the coat rack and it's loaded.Annabelle grabs it and shoots Mr.Ryder in the leg and runs out of the house.

Holly goes to where Don died only to be shot in the heart by a bow and arrow.


Jane Levy as Annabelle Sweets

Emma Stone as Yvette Sweets

Liam Hemsworth as Ronold Bacon

Christian Hall as Alex

Alexander Ludwig as Josh Love

Josh Hutcherson as Titus

Leah Pipes as Tia

Scout-Taylor Compton as Pircilla

Jackie Emerson as Raven

Mary-Elizabeth Winstead as Heather

Leven Ramblin as Shannon

Paul Weasley as Jo

Jamie Chung as Rose

Julian Morris as Cole

Margo Harshman as Ceila

Jennifer Lawrence as Kim

Isabelle Furhman as Veronica

Brianna Evigan as Holly

Zac Roeig as Don

Jack Quaid as Tad

Dayo Okeniki as Jamar

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