Okay, you may not believe what I’m about to tell you. But this is a true story. My name is Elise. And I just survived a VERY scary horror story.

A week ago, I was running around in the woods with my brother, Gale. He and I loved the woods. But after about five minutes, I realized something.

Gale was gone.

I started to call for him. I shouted that it wasn’t funny for him to be hiding. But I didn’t hear him call back. I instead heard a sinister laugh, and slurping. Like someone was drinking with a straw. I started to panic. I kept shouting, but there was no answer, only the creepy slurping and the laugh. Then, I saw something absolutely horrific.

A girl, who was stark white with black hair, wearing all black and white clothing, not an inch of color in her whole body.

Except her eyes.

Her eyes were an eerie blood red. And that moment, I saw that she was holding someone. She was holding Gale. He was completely drained of color, his blond hair turned gray and his tan skin white. The girl also held a rainbow colored straw. I realized something else. She must have been the one who murdered those kids.

About a week ago, some of the neighborhood punks were prowling around in the woods. They were found the next day, dead. And in the exact same condition as Gale. Gale had a hole in his neck, where the girl must have inserted the straw. I screamed.

The girl replied there was nothing to be afraid of. I shouted she had killed my brother. She replied that he would wake up after a week or two. He would just be completely devoid of color. She said that the process was completely painless. I asked (well, more of shouted the question) who the heck she was. She claimed that everyone who met her knew her as Black and White Ann. She tried to grab me, tried to make me her next victim. But I slipped out of her grasp and ran home, after grabbing Gale as well.

It’s been a whole week now, but Gale still hasn’t woken up. I’m starting to think that girl lied. If I ever meet her again, she will pay.

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