Black Suits
Genre Sitcom
Created by Xsizter
Starring Will Smith

Ewan McGregor

Location Los Angeles
Country of Origin United States
Number of Episodes 128
Number of Seasons 8
Running Time 26 minutes
Original Channel Adult Swim
Original Air Date 21 January 2017

Black Suits is a 2017 Adult Swim Original animated sitcom about two agents who work for a secret organisation that keep the truth about aliens in secret and fight hostile alien forces.


Will Smith as Agent Ty Hudson

Ewan McGregor as Agent Eugene Jones

Elizabeth Banks as Agent Trinity Parker

Hugo Weaving as Agent Drake Lester

Tom Kane as Jonathan "Agent Zed" Gordon

Chris Pratt as Commander X

Episode List

Season 1

# Episode Title
1 The Invader Code Part 1
Ty Hudson is an agent for the K.A.S.O. (Keeping Aliens Safe Organisation) alongside his co worker Eugene Jones. When the organisation gets a message in code from an unknown alien race, they start to call the Combined Earth Defense forces to battle the unknown alien threat that is about to come.
2 The Invader Code Part 2
As Ty Hudson, Eugene Jones, Trinity Parker and Drake Lester prepare for the incoming alien invasion, they get called into a meeting by Agent Zed. In the meeting room the humans alongside the alien allies create a strategy to help the Combined Earth Defense Force against the incoming threat. On the Kilurian Mothership they encounter Commander Kalak Dun of the Kilurian Fleet. The K.A.S.O. and C.E.D. try to negotiate a deal with X, to not attack Earth. Commander Kalak Dun tells them that he will leave the Earth alone if they find him a rare artifact called the Balit Kun somewhere in the deserts of Sahara and that they have 4 hours to bring it to him.
3 The Invader Code Part 3
Ty Hudson and the crew prepare to go on the quest to the deserts of Sahara to retrieve the Balit Kun. In the Sahara they stumble upon an ancient alien temple with advanced writing on the walls of it. In the temple they encounter traps and the Balit Kun guardians. Ty and the crew successfully retrieve the artifact and return to the Kilurian Mothership to give it to Commander Kalak Dun. Commander Kalak Dun sticking to what he said leaves the Solar System and the crew of K.A.S.O. and C.E.D. are victorious.
4 The Act of Benji
Benji Dun, goes by his code name as "Ked" is an alien stage performer in human disguise who has smuggled drugs into the United States from Iraq, for this he must be sentenced to a life of prison. When Ty and Eugene arrive at the location where Benji Dun is located, they can't find him and seek help from an old friend called The Thinkerer to find him.
5 Body Stealing Hookers
A band of Space Hookers are illegally selling their bodies for the body of their victim. Ty and Eugene must defeat the Body Stealing Aliens, arrest them and get some free booze on the way. 
6 Rock N Vasion
7 Trinity's Daddy Issues
8 The 24/7 Shift
9 Once an Alcoholic Part 1
10 Once an Alcoholic Part 2
11 The Mind Reader
12 The Unknown Threat
13 The Hunt
14 The A.R.E.S. Project
15 Commander X Part 1
16 Commander X Part 2

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

Season 7

Season 8


  • The show is based on the 1997 Men in Black movie, with Will Smith even returning as one of the main characters.
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