The Invader Code Part 2
Written By Xsizter
Production Code 2
Original Airdate 28 January 2017
Previous Episode The Invader Code Part 1
Next Episode The Invader Code Part 3

As Ty Hudson, Eugene Jones, Trinity Parker and Drake Lester prepare for the incoming alien invasion, they get called into a meeting by Agent Zed. In the meeting room the humans alongside the alien allies create a strategy to help the Combined Earth Defense Force against the incoming threat. On the Kilurian Mothership they encounter Commander Kalak Dun of the Kilurian Fleet. The K.A.S.O. and C.E.D. try to negotiate a deal with X, to not attack Earth. Commander Kalak Dun tells them that he will leave the Earth alone if they find him a rare artifact called the Balit Kun somewhere in the deserts of Sahara and that they have 4 hours to bring it to him.

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