Black Rose is a 2018 american supernatural horror film. based on the horror unity game Black Rose

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a black rose that who find it destroy it or you will died

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Daniella and her boyfriend Jake (that find a rose black and bloody she told to her and she love it (ONE DAY) that rose is gone.

a ghost just to police officer and the police calling the person kidnapped and the ghost killed the polices and she decapited the one police and Naniel call her mother to tell Captain Police find the rose and Captain Police in the hole and find the black rose.

she hold it and her hand burned and the ghost killed and suck in the water and drowned her.

Jack tell Naniel to kill her boyfriend but Naniel prank Jack by in the washing machine and Jack go away and the ghost chase Jack and Jack get killed by the haunted female and Naniel and Jake see the ghost and the haunted female and Jake and Naniel run away and The Witch Rose read the book of spell Naniel tell the witch rose how to get rid of the rose The Witch told her push her in the water and put in the washing machine and Naniel and Jake go back to put her in the water.

The Witch Rose reading the book spell and the ghost stab and killed her.

Jake chase by the spirit and Naniel drowned in the water and the ghost jump in and melt Naniel swim and hold the haunted female and drowned her and melt her the haunted rose destroyed

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  • Bella Sana as Naniel
  • Jason Pressler as Jake
  • Matthew Broderick as Jack
  • Danielle Panabaker as Naniel (Mom)
  • Barbara Crampton as Liza
  • Urnold Hanna as Police Officer Ryan 
  • Polices as other Police Officers
  • Mosang as Witch Rose
  • Bella Smith as the ghost/the haunted rose/the haunted female

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  • Jake
  • Liza



  1. (Ryan)-killed by the ghost
  2. (Police officers)-died and haunted by the haunted rose
  3. (Jack)-haunted by the haunted female
  4. (Witch Rose)-read the book to defeat a spirit and the ghost killed her
  5. (the ghost/the haunted rose/the haunted female)-Naniel pushed to the water and melt her

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