Black Raccoon is a young magus and vigilante who featured in The Steampunk Adventures of Sorcerer's Apprentices.

She was originally worked for the criminal Alden Sikes as his reluctant slave and sneak thief alongside other children until she turned against him with help of both Mr. Blake and Fletcher whom also convince her that follow the criminal's biddings was a mistake as she still have a choice of her own. After Alden's eventual arrest, Black Raccoon decided to make up for her past wrong deeds by helping those in need as Part-Timer, marking her transition from a thief to local hero in Trostville whom also aid Raido and his friends in their adventures.

Personality and Traits

Black Raccoon dresses like a raccoon, true to her namesake, where her said outfit consist of sleeveless black dress that has a raccoon tail and two pouches each stitched on the right and rear hip regions respectively, a black cloth hood with raccoon’s ear, dark grey puffy pants, light grey shoes, EHL Gauntlet Type on the left arm, sleeveless black gloves, and a black domino mask that made her face resembles actual raccoon. She also carry a large sling bag with her as well.

Weapons and Gadgets

  • Charged Ring
  • EHL Gauntlet
As one of active Part-Timer and a witch, Black Raccoon possesses several gadgets in her disposal:
  • Concrete Mallet: Black Raccoon's melee weapon of choice.
  • Charged Rings: Black Raccoon's catalyst of choice.
  • Energy Hook Launcher: Gauntlet Type: Black Raccoon armed with EHL Gauntlet Type that she used to fire energy hooks, allowed her to swing from one building to another or reach tactical obstacles.

Powers and Abilities

Magic Spells

  • Merlin Circle Magic: Black Raccoon excels in using Merlin Circle Magic such as:
    • Plasma Bolts: Black Raccoon can fire medium-calibre plasma bolts at will.
    • Earth Construct: Black Raccoon can formed earthly materials such as concrete, mud, rocks, and soil into object into her signature mallet.


  • Peak Human Physiology: Like other Sorcerers or Maguses, her enhanced brainpower, and physiology appeared to be supernaturally enhanced into the peak level beyond the normal humans'.
    • Enhanced Speed and Agility: Black Raccoon faster than normal humans as well as more agile.
    • Enhanced Durability: Black Raccoon can survive punishments and harms that can severely injured normal humans.
    • Enhanced Strength: Black Raccoon can apply practically tremendous superhuman force in her punches and kicks by using highly effective strength and muscle control when necessary. She can also send an opponent around her size flying when armed with her mallet as well.
      • Enhanced Leap: Due to her strength, Black Raccoon can jump higher than normal person.
    • Enhanced Intelligence: Thanks to her supernaturally enhanced brain capacity, Black Raccoon is highly intelligent.
  • Mallet Mastery: Black Raccoon is very skillful in using her concrete mallet in combat.
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