Black Flying Mouse

A black flying mouse getting ready to fly up.

Black flying mouse is a species of rodent that has wings similar to that of bats (which are NOT rodents, despite popular myths about them). Flying mice are named because they have these bat-like wings in order to fly in the air like bats. They also have larger lungs and stronger chest and arm muscles to allow strong powered flight for long distance. They breed very fast like other household rodents like house mice, black rats, brown rats, etc, often breeding about as fast as a brown rat, despite being only about the size of a house mouse. Just like house mice, they originated from Europe, but unlike them, they so far only have spread into North America after humans introduced them accidentally once Christopher Columbus made it into North America, becoming pests of North America ever since. Just like house mice, flying mice are omnivores that can eat just about everything and regulary invade homes in a similar manner, although they fly like bats.
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