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Black County is a 2013 American Action Thriller Horror film written and directed by Kevin Smith starring Katerina Graham, Alexis Knapp, Ashley Benson, Elizabeth Banks, Rosemary Harris, Clémence Poésy and Michael Parks.

The film is a sequel to Kevin Smith's previous cult Action Thriller Horror film Red State and features actors Michael Parks and John Goodman returning in their respective roles of Pastor Abin Cooper and Detective Keaning.

The film was theatrically released on September 12th 2013 though it was pre-screened to select audiences in Chicago and Baltimore.

The film is produced and presented by Robert Rodriquez and secured it's larger finanicial budget from Rodriquez and Quentin Tarantino's funding.


Eden Simmons (Katerina Graham), Samantha Westford (Alexis Knapp) and Suzanne Michaels (Ashley Benson) are Northwestern University freshmen who decide to take to a cross country summer break trip to meet up with some apparent gorgeous male locals of a small rural community.

The women along the way experience car trouble and ultimatley end up picking a French Prostitute (Clémence Poésy) up who so happens is headed for the same location.

The girls arrive in the small community of River's Deep where they meet up with the said handsome group of males and the French Prostitute departs to meet up with a client.

The group of males is led by Gordon Cooper (Sebastian Stan) and consists of nice guy Toby (Drew Seeley), Romeo Robert (Martin Starr) and smooth-talker Luke (Corey Monteith).

Eden takes to Luke whilest party girl bestfriend Samantha takes to head honch Gordon and Suzie to nice guy Toby.

The group at the bar they have come to meet in go through rounds and rounds of drinks and eventually the girl's become disorientated and start to in a disillusioned state realized that they have been drugged.

Eden's body who is the strongest knocks back the drugs and she wrestles with the guys who escort them out a bar back alley and attempt to load them into a van.

Eden in a stumble begins to flee and yells out for help but eventually comes to collapse and be knocked out by the female bartender who then helps the guys carry Eden over to the van to join an unconsious Samantha and Suzie.

Meanwhile prostitute Viviene meets up with a female client named Mary-Anne Channing (Yvonne Strahovski) who along with a vast collection of women subdue her in a burlap sack and render her unconsious with a strike to the head with a ceramic pole.

The girls are then brought to the Fallen Sanction Church which turns out to be the "sister church" to the Five Points Trinity Church of the first film in Cooper's Dell.

The Fallen Sanction Church is run by crazed River's Deep fanatic Juliet Cooper (Rosemary Harris) the sister of Pastor Abin Cooper (Michael Parks) of the first film.

The women have been lured out to be punished for their harlet behaviour and especially the prostitute who was also willing to engage in homosexual intercourse for money which they view like the Five Points Trinity Church as an abomination, they believe however they can purge their dirty souls by destroying the vessels they have been left with.

Conflict arises however as Sister Margaret Channing (Elizabeth Banks) sister to Mary-Anne Channing has second thoughts on what they are about to do and so does Sister Tracey Chapman (Lauren Cohan).

Sister's Tracey and Margaret attempt to suade the other sister's that murdering the women is wrong and find that Sister Fellstone (Yaya Alafia) shares their opinion but is too cowardly to object against Head Sister Cooper.

The captive women are then brought to the church's chapel by the men who are revealed as the church's brothers and Gordon is indeed Head Sister Juliet Coopers son.

Eden and Samantha are suspended by chains from pillars along with Suzie who is chained front of a sacrificial table which prostitute Viviene is brought to.

Sister Cooper then proceeds to place a mask on top her which will permit her body to no longer Speak, See Or Hear Evil.

The mask is then show containing two spikes on the inside to enter both ears, two on the inside to pierce the eyes and one large spike to lodge down and pierce the inside of the throat.

Viviene is then executed before a whimpering gagged Samantha, shocked gagged Eden and screaming ungagged Suzanne.

Following Viviene's execution Sister Fellstone in horror flees the chapel and Brother Benson is dispatched to retrieve her.

She then tells to him outside that what they are doing is wrong and she is packing up to leave River's Deep.

Sister Mary-Ann overhears the conversation lurking around the perimeter and reports Sister Fellstone's plans of leaving to Sister Cooper and she is that night executed by being pinned down on her bed by the masked sisters apart from Sisters Margaret and Tracey who proceed to with ceremonial knives stab her to death.

Suzie, Samantha and Eden are left unattended in the chapel with Viviene's corpse whilest Sister Fellstone's execution is carried out and Eden is able to relinquesh herself from her chains and then Samantha and Suzie.

As they go to leave through the entrance Sisters Margaret and Tracey enter saying they want to help them escape and state their apologizes what they have done.

Brother Benson then enters to assist but is attacked by an enraged Suzie who has broken down over the monstrous murder she just witnessed first hand.

The group head under an secret passage and come across dozens of bodies which reveals some of the sisters including head sister Juliet Cooper have been secretly murdering male and female individuals for awhile.

A chase breaks out as they uncovered and the girls come to an artillery room where they discover a collection of modified assault rifles sent with a note from Pastor Abin Cooper saying "To My Beloved Sis Juliet Let There Those Having Violent Ends Have Violent Ends For Thou End Is Nigh."

The girls seize the weapons along with Toby and Sisters Channing and Chapman.

Suzie is however too shaken and struggles to operate her shotgun.

As they are ambushed in a certain chamber she accidentally fires at Sister Tracey and kills her and then is killed as Mary-Ann spirals her ceremonial knife into the gun slot and the gun dislodges into the right side of Suzie's face.

Sister Margaret along with a shot and injured Toby grab Eden and Samantha and spiral down through the floorboards into a water passage which they use to escape the church.

The group then scower the streets discovering that the town has now been barricaded off.

Sister Margaret leads the others back to the bar where it began where the male bartender owes her a life debt after covering up the fact he is indeed homosexual and engaging in homosexual activities with Sister Cooper's Son.

They are hidden beneath the bar though when Mary-Ann and the others come the bartender crumbles and then is blasted away with a shotgun before the group is discovered.

They are then captured and brought to Sister Cooper's farmhouse where Margaret is left in the barn and her sister Mary-Ann is tasked with carrying out her punishment.

Toby is left with the guys in a lower floor room strapped to a chair being tortured by Gordon.

Eden is held down in the cellar by Luke and Robert whilest Samantha is gagged and strapped to a chair in an upstairs room tended to by Sister Waneta Bernadette (Alice Eve).

Sister Bernadette possesses a disfigured face which occurred as a result of a fire and she begins to disfigure Samantha's pretty face with a scalpel slashing at it repeatedly.

Margaret in the barn is whipped across the back repeatedly by her sister Mary-Ann but as she pleads for her to stop and they argue over Sister Cooper's teachings they then finally come to an agreement as Mary-Ann receives the order to now execute her sister.

Mary-Ann releases Margaret and despite Mary-Ann pleaing they leave the others she says they must save them.

Eden in the cellar escapes through appealing to Luke who likes her's morality and humanity despite Robert's protests.

The two end up in an argument and Luke is fatally shot by Robert.

Robert then turns to shoot a chair bound Eden blaming her for him shooting his friend but Mary-Ann however busts in with Margaret and Mary-Ann shoots Robert in both knee-caps which then buys time for Margaret to release Eden.

Mary-Ann is fatally shot in the throat by Robert and Robert is then shot multiple times and killed by Eden who screams at him and tells that they have Sam in a upper floor room and Toby just above in the living room.

Eden then runs over to Luke who bleeds to death in her arms and Mary-Ann bleeds to death in her sister's arms as she weeps on.

Eden then becomes stiff and after a second of staring at Luke's lifeless body stands up and seizes Margaret.

They head upstairs and the two girls are surprised by a psychopathic Gordon who is waiting for them.

Gordon gains the upper hand knocking Margaret over onto a glass coffee table which shatters as she makes body contact with it.

Gordon knocks Eden down to the ground punching and kicking at her but stops as she starts taunting him about his homosexual, illicit activities with the local male bartender.

He then becomes enraged and as he goes to seize a kitchen knife is surprised by Eden who has rolled over to grab a ceremonial knife which she stabs into his chest, she then rushes into the kitchen and takes a boiled kettle which she relinqueshes all the hot water down his throat.

She then comes over to Margaret and discovers she has been stabbed with broken glass shards she attempts to heave her up but is told to get her friend and get out.

Eden then in a trance begins to untie an injured crazed Toby who collapses halfway up the stairs dead.

Eden repeatedly attempts to resusitate him to no prevail and then stops as she hears Samantha screaming upstairs.

She then hurries up to the upper floor and follows the noise and busts into the room just as Sister Bernadette kills her by stabbing her in the head with own modified ceremonial knife.

Eden upon seeing her doing this screams at a high volume and discharges many shotgun blasts at Sister Bernadette, blowing her head apart, her arms off and right leg.

Eden staggers out in the hallway and breaks down crying.

She hears Margaret writhing in pain downstairs and gets up.

Sister Cooper and the other evil sisters along with many locals then head up to the farmhouse from the field they were commemorating the Ritual Of The Rapture in where they were burning the belongings of Eden, Samantha, Suzanne and Viviene.

Hearing the shotgun blasts they arm up with their ceremonial blades and shotguns and head to the house.

There Eden hides out of sight after comforting a dying Margaret and comes to surprise Sister Cooper at gun point.

She taunts Sister Cooper that her son was a homosexual screwing the local bartender which enrages Sister Cooper who in denial refuses to believe it is true and then grapples with Eden over her gun attempting to shoot her with it.

Many of the sisters are killed by the shotgun blasts let off in the struggle and those with shotguns hit each other and a propane tank which starts a fire.

Eden and Sister Cooper then smash out onto the front porch and wrestle over the gun.

Eden subdues Sister Cooper by stabbing her with own dropped ceremonial knife which believably kills her.

Eden then runs back into the house to see Margaret has crawled halfway to the door, Eden goes to run inside and take her but Margaret tells her to go and that she will be in heaven with her sister as they both have atoned for their sins.

Eden then screams as the house explodes and she is propelled into a small creek.

She then is attacked by a severley burnt Sister Cooper who wrestles with her in the lake attempting to drown her.

She begets that she will drown in the hellish waters of Babylon but comes to be distratced by trumpet noises.

She announces the rapture is coming and is then in the chest by Eden which prompts Sister Cooper's attention back to her ready to bring a rock down upon her face, she is however then shot in the head and killed.

Eden then pushes Sister Cooper's body off into the water as rain begins to pour down and she rolls over to see the killer is Detective Keaning (of the first film) who states "it's always this bloody religious fanatics."

The film ends with Eden paying Abin Cooper a visit at his maxium security prison and she with a hidden shotgun taken from his sister's church artillery blasts him away after he taunts her about her friends "judgement day."

Eden is then arrested before the eyes of a horrified Detective Keaning.


  • Katerina Graham as Eden Simmons
  • Alexis Knapp as Samantha Westford
  • Ashley Benson as Suzanne Michaels
  • Clémence Poésy as French Prostitute Viviene Warslow
  • Corey Monteith as Brother Luke Birchall
  • Martin Starr as Brother Robert Guthrie
  • Drew Seeley as Brother Toby Benson
  • Sebastian Stan as Brother Gordon Cooper
  • Michael Parks as Abin Cooper
  • Rosemary Harris as Juliet Cooper
  • Elizabeth Banks as Sister Margaret Channing
  • Natalie Dormer as Sister Lara Bennett
  • Yvonne Strahovski as Sister Mary-Anne Channing
  • Alice Eve as Sister Waneta Bernadette
  • Lauren Cohan as Sister Tracey Chapman
  • Ruth Wilson as Sister Calambria Leone
  • Jessica Paré as Sister Amanda Bronson
  • Devon Aoki as Sister Yuki Sakimati
  • Yaya Alafia as Sister Jeanine Fellstone
  • Eden Simmons
  • Samantha Westford
  • Suzanne Michaels
  • Sister Margaret Channing
  • Sister Mary-Ann Channing
  • Sister Juliet Cooper
  • Viviene Warslow
  • Brother Toby Jones


  1. Your Body- Christina Aguilera
  2. Stupid Girls- P!nk
  3. Le Code Rural- April March
  4. Do You Swing?- The Fleshtones
  5. One Summer Night- The Danleers
  6. Do Wah Diddy Diddy- Manfred Mann
  7. My Boyfriend's Back- The Angels
  8. Jardin d'Hiver- Aimée Allen
  9. Way To Go- Rogue Traders
  10. I Might Like You Better If We Slept Together- Gostosa
  11. Goodnight Irene- The Wavers
  12. Sentimental Journey- Doris Day
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