Black Christmas Is A Horror Thriller Film and Remake of 1974 and 2008 Starring Alexandra Daddario,Selena Gomez and Drew Fuller




  • Alexandra Daddario As Jessica Wilde/Jessica Lenz/The Sweet Sister
  • Selena Gomez As Aura Brown/The Cruel Sister
  • Leighton Meester As Laurie Biel/The Boss Sister
  • Jaime King As Mrs. Linda Dawson/The Housemother
  • Jamie Chung As Mary Lee/The Drunk Sister
  • Candice Accola As Susan Whrite/The Diva Sister
  • Nikki Reed As Julianna Randall/The Smart Sister
  • Emma Watson As Phoebe Paxton/The Pretty Sister
  • Emma Bell As Dylan Scout/The Rich Sister
  • Drew Fuller As Billy Lenz
  • Sofia Vergara As Mary Lenz
  • Mark Warberg As Frank Lenz
  • Bobby Campo As Stepfather/Carl Stevens


Frank Lenz-beaten with machete in the head and his body buried under his house

Carl Stevens-pierced in the eye with an ornament

Mary Lenz-strangled with Christmas lights hit in the head with a rolling pin and cut back in for a short biscuit

Dylan scout-she is suffocated with a plastic bag and gutted

Susan Whrite-broke his neck

Phoebe Paxton-gouged the eyes and stabbed the head

Mary Lee-she was beheaded

Mrs Linda Dawson-stalactite falls through her ​​eyes

Julianna Randall-stabbed in the heart and neck broken

Billy Lenz-burned with a blowtorch and beheaded with machete(Aura) and (Jessica)


Jessica Wilde Aura Brown And Laurie Biel

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Jessica telling what happened in his fraternity


jessica hiding billy

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aura at the beginning of the movie


billy caressing aura before being hit by jessica

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