Black Christmas Is a 2014 Remake of the 1974 and 2006 American Slasher Film Starring Ashley Greene,Lucy Hale,Victoria Justice,Heather Morris,Leah Pipes,Margo Harsman,Erin Sanders,Selena Gomez,Sean Faris,Sarah Roemer,Jane Lynch,Drew Van acker,Miley cyrus,Denise Richards,Scott Potter,Russel Braund And Rebecca DeMornay


On Christmas Eve in 1991, Billy Edward Lenz brutally murders his mother and her new husband. On Christmas Eve 2006, Billy escapes from his cell after killing the security guard, butchers a man in a Santa Claus costume, and disguises himself in the costume to escape. He targets a group of sorority sister and their housemother.


Ashley Greene As Kelly presley

Lucy Hale As Mellisa Kitt

Victoria Justice as Heather Lee-Fitzgerald

Heather Morris As Dana mathis

Leah Pipes As Lauren Hannon

Margo Harsman As Lauren Hannon

Erin Sanders As Eve Agnew

Selena Gomez As Claire Crosby

Sean Faris As Kyle Autry

Sarah Roemer As Leigh Colvin

Jane Lynch As Barbara MacHenry

Drew Van acker As Billy Lenz

Miley cyrus As Agnes Lenz

Dennise Richard As Mrs. Diane Lenz

Scott Potter As  Frank Lenz

Russel Braund As James Lucas

Rebecca DeMornay As Mrs.Presley


Frank- Head bludgeoned 10 times with a hammer

James- Impaled through eye with Christmas ornament

Diane- Christmas lights wrapped around her neck and head bludgeoned 13 times with rolling pin

Claire- stabbed in the eye with pen

Megan- Stabbed 4 times in back and eyes ripped out

Eve- Decapitated

Dana- Garden claw in back of head

Heather- Butchered

Barbara- Impaled through head by fallen icicle


Kyle- Eyes ripped out

Leigh- Neck snapped

Agnes-Decapitated By Mellisa

Billy- Impaled on Christmas tree by Kelly


Kelly presley and Mellisa kitt

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