Black Christmas 2 Is a Horror Thriller Mysteri Film Starring Katie Cassidy,Alex Johnson,Leighton Meester,Chelan Simmons,Ashley Greene,Hailie Stenfield,Selena Gomez,Lucy Hale,Emily Osment and Dean Friss with Jaimie Alexander



Katie Cassidy As Kelly Presley

Alex Johnson As Becca Presley

Leighton Meester As Jamie Wayne

Chelan Simmons As Lindsey McDaniel

Ashley Greene As Sidney Roberts

Hailie Stenfield As Misty Olsen

Selena Gomez As Bridgette Sauses

Lucy Hale As Rachel Fabrey

Emily Osment As Maddison Pettit

Dean Friss As Agnes Lenz

Jaimie Alexander As Mrs.Viola Greene


Madisson-almost neck sliced

Misty-chest and neck sliced

Rachel-broken neck

Lindsey-stabbed in mouth

Bridgette-hanged to death

Mrs.Viola-penetrated with a swordfish motif 

Kelly Presley-stabbed in the neck

Agnes Lenz.-shot in the chest with a shotgun by jamie and becca


Becca presley,Jamie Wayne and Sidney Roberts

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