Black Christmas 2 Is A 2018 American slasher sequel to Black Christmas. It stars Scout Taylor-Compton, Jensen Ackles, Alexandra Daddario, Ed Westwick, Elizabeth Mitchell, Spencer Locke, Ryan Gosling, Willa Holland, Connie Britton, Kellan Lutz, Amanda Crew, Blake Lively, Thomas Dekker, Chad Michael Murray, Brittany Snow, Agnes Bruckner, Meagan Tandy, Columbus Short, Guy Pearce, Amy Smart, Amanda Seyfried, Jennifer Lawrence, Alison Brie, Arielle Kebbel, Britt Robertson, Aimee Teegarden, Texas Battle, Mimi Michaels, Julianna Guill, Emma Bell, Danielle Harris, Katie Holmes, Diora Baird, Jean Luc-Bilodeau and Robert Englund.


2 Years After The Last Massacre, Lori Is In Her Last Year Of High School And Is Trying To Forget Billy's Killing Spree 2 Years Ago. Billy Was Thought To Be Killed By Lori 2 Years Ago, But He Was Taken To The Hospital And Revived, Now He Is Planning His New Killing Spree To Kill Lori In Revenge And Only One Question Remains - Who Is Next?



  • Scout Taylor-Compton as Lori Smith/Taylor Lenz
  • Jensen Ackles as Billy Lenz
  • Alexandra Daddario as Hannah Thompson
  • Ed Westwick as Greg Jenner
  • Elizabeth Mitchell as Helen Smith
  • Spencer Locke as Sadie Smith
  • Ryan Gosling as Drew Smith
  • Willa Holland as Wendy Smith
  • Connie Britton as Diane Cooper- The Daughter Of Fred Cooper
  • Kellan Lutz as Michael Smith
  • Rowan Blanchard as Elena Stewart
  • Blake Lively as Lacey Gilbert
  • Thomas Dekker as Ricky Smith
  • Chad Michael Murray as Gary Henderson
  • Brittany Snow as Chrissy Randall
  • Agnes Bruckner as Nicole Green
  • Meagan Tandy as Ciara Miller
  • Columbus Short as Henry Miller
  • Guy Pearce as John Thompson
  • Amy Smart as Jennifer Anderson
  • Amanda Seyfried as Rachel Anderson
  • Jennifer Lawrence as Alex Reynolds
  • Alison Brie as Ashley Jones
  • Arielle Kebbel as Irene Cutler
  • Britt Robertson as Lisa Parker
  • Aimee Teegarden as Gina Turner
  • Texas Battle as Donnie Blake
  • Mimi Michaels as Julia Porter
  • Julianna Guill as Taylor Prescott
  • Blake Lively as Quinn Prescott
  • Katie Holmes as Ms. Cindy Martin- Lori's High School Science Teacher
  • Diora Baird as Ms. Janice Benson- Lori's High School Study Hall Teacher
  • Jean Luc-Bilodeau as Steve Davis- Wendy's Boyfriend
  • Robert Englund as Fred Cooper- The Creepy Janitor At Lori's High School


Ms. Cindy Martin- Stabbed In Chest With Spear And Bashed In Face 10 Times With Metal Pole (Billy Lenz)

Irene Cutler- Stabbed In Throat Several Times With Kitchen Knife And Eyes Gouged Out (Billy Lenz)

Alex Reynolds- Plastic Wrap Wrapped Around Head And Bashed In Glass Trophy Case 4 Times (Billy Lenz)

Ashley Jones- Pushed Over Railing Onto Glass Table And Stabbed To Death With A Screwdriver (Billy Lenz)

Ms. Janice Benson- Beaten Over Head With Candy Cane And Decapitated At Jawline With A Machete (Billy Lenz)

John Thompson- Hanged With Barbed Wire (Billy Lenz)

Lisa Parker- Face Burned In Stove And Stabbed In Chest 9 Times (Billy Lenz)

Steve Davis- Stabbed In Eye With Umbrella And Hung On Fire Place (Billy Lenz)

Fred Cooper- Impaled In Head With Christmas Tree Star (Billy Lenz)

Diane Cooper- Shoved Into Fireplace And Burned Alive (Billy Lenz)

Ms. Gretchen Woodley- Ran Over With A Car Several Times (Billy Lenz)

Quinn Prescott- Locked Under Pool And Drowned (Billy Lenz)

Henry Miller- Throat Slashed With Kitchen Knife And Stuffed In Car Trunk (Billy Lenz)

Gina Turner- Impaled Under Chin With A Kitchen Knife (Billy Lenz)

Nicole Green- Beaten To Death With A Shovel And Head Sliced Off With Meat Cleaver (Billy Lenz)

Jennifer Anderson- Stabbed In Back 5 Times With Kitchen Knife (Billy Lenz)

Donnie Blake- Stabbed To Death With A Glass Shard And Slashed Across Throat (Billy Lenz)

Ciara Miller- Head Bashed With Frying Pan 12 Times (Billy Lenz)

Taylor Prescott- Stomach Cut Open With Barbed Wire And Disembowled (Billy Lenz)

Julia Porter- Impaled In Mouth With A Kitchen Knife And Body Thrown Over Balcony (Billy Lenz)

Lacey Gilbert- Set On Fire (Billy Lenz)

Michael Smith- Stabbed In The Shoulder With A Screwdriver And Stabbed In Both Eyes (Billy Lenz)

Billy Lenz- Stabbed In Chest 3 Times With A Kitchen Knife (Helen Smith), Stabbed In Leg With A Screwdriver (Chrissy Randall), Stabbed In Stomach 2 Times With A Butcher Knife (Gary Henderson), Shot In Chest 2 Times With A Shotgun (Lori Smith/Taylor Lenz) and Fell Out Of Window (Lori Smith/Taylor Lenz And Hannah Thompson)


Lori Smith/Taylor Lenz

Hannah Thompson

Greg Jenner

Helen Smith

Sadie Smith

Drew Smith

Wendy Smith

Elena Stewart

Ricky Smith

Gary Henderson

Chrissy Randall

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