Black Christmas 2 is a 2012 horror-slasher film sequel to the 2006 film starring Katie Cassidy, Amber Heard, Shantel VanSanten, Katharine McPhee, Lucy Hale, Megan Fox, Sharni Vinson, Danielle Panabaker, Audrina Patridge, Dean Friss, Logan Browning and Courteney Cox.


A new group of sorority sisters and their housemother including Kelly, Melissa and Lauren are taunted by Agnes.


Katie Cassidy as Kelly Presley

Amber Heard as Jesse Morgan

Shantel VanSanten as Jenna Tanner

Katharine McPhee as Karen Murphy

Lucy Hale as Hannah Lewis

Megan Fox as Katie Martin

Sharni Vinson as Nicki Lopez

Danielle Panabaker as Jane Matthews

Audrina Patridge as Megan Rogers

Dean Friss as Agnes Lenz

Logan Browning as Marissa Cooper

Courteney Cox as Mrs. Mary Owens


Megan- Throat slit

Marissa- Stabbed in throat

Nicki- Stabbed in back several times

Katie- Decapitated with an axe

Jane- Choked to death

Mrs. Owens- Impaled through eye with machete

Karen- Stabbed in head with machete

Agnes- Stabbed in chest by Kelly and shot in chest by Jesse


Kelly, Jesse, Jenna and Hannah

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