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Black Christmas Is A 2013 Remake of the 1974 and 2006 American Slasher Film Starring Scout Taylor-Compton, Briana Evigan, Alexandra Daddario, Emma Roberts, Danielle Panabaker, Taylor Momsen, Steven R. McQueen, Jaime King, Ashley Greene, Marielle Jaffe, Jensen Ackles, Famke Janssen, Chris Zylka, Nicholas D'Agosto, Richard Gere And Mason Cook.


In 1991 Billy Lenz (Steven R. McQueen) Kills His Mother, Mary (Famke Janssen) and Her Lover, Randy (Chris Zylka) For Killing His Father and Not Caring About Him and Only For His Sister. Now In 2013, Billy Escapes From The Mental Asylum and Goes Back To His House Only To Find His House Now A Sorority House. The Sorority Sisters Are Stalked And Murdered By Billy During A Winter Storm and One Of The Sorority Sisters Lori (Scout Taylor-Compton) Find Out About Her True Identity.



  • Scout Taylor-Compton as Lori Smith aka Taylor Lenz/The Nerd Sister
  • Briana Evigan as Kristen Randall/The Drunk Sister
  • Alexandra Daddario as Hannah Thompson/ The Sarcastic Sister
  • Emma Roberts as Mandy Johnson/ The Good Sister
  • Danielle Panabaker as Jessica Sinclair/The Mean Sister
  • Taylor Momsen as Karen Pierson/The Goth Sister
  • Steven R. McQueen as David Henderson/Lori's Boyfriend
  • Jaime King as Ms. Sherry Anderson/The Housemother
  • Ashley Greene as Heather Jenkins/The Shy Sister
  • Marielle Jaffe as Victoria Brown/The Slutty Sister
  • Jensen Ackles as Billy Lenz/The Killer and Lori/Taylor's Sister
  • Famke Janssen as Mary Lenz/ Lori/Tayor and Billy's Mother
  • Chris Zylka as Randy/Mary's Young Lover and Lori's Actual Father
  • Nicholas D'Agosto as 28 Year Old Billy Lenz
  • Richard Gere as Carl Lenz/Billy's Father
  • Mason Cook as 14 Year Old Billy Lenz


  • Carl Lenz- Stabbed Repeatedly in Face with A Kitchen Knife (Mary Lenz)
  • Randy- Impaled through Eye with Unicorn Statue (Billy Lenz)
  • Mary Lenz- Strangled to Death With Christmas Lights, Beaten to Death with A Rolling Pin and Baked (Billy Lenz)
  • Heather Jenkins- Stabbed in Eye With Fountain Pen and Eyes Ripped Out (Billy Lenz)
  • Victoria Brown- Stabbed In Back With A Candy Cane, Stabbed In Eye With A Candy Cane And Eyes Ripped Out (Billy Lenz)
  • Jessica Sinclair- Butchered in Car (Billy Lenz)
  • Ms. Sherry Anderson- Throat Slit With A Candy Cane, Stabbed In Forehead With An Axe and Eyes Cut Out With A Candy Cane (Billy Lenz)
  • Karen Pierson- Neck Snapped (Billy Lenz)
  • Kristen Randall- Stabbed In Chest With A Unicorn Statue, Eyes Goughed Out, Head Wrapped With Plastic Bag and Dragged (Billy Lenz)
  • Mandy Johnson- Axe Thrown At Head (Billy Lenz)
  • David Henderson- Plastic Bag Over Head, Pulled Into Attic, Tongue Cut Out (Offscreen) and Accidentally Stabbed In Stomach With An Axe (Billy Lenz and Lori Smith/Taylor Lenz)
  • Billy Lenz- Beaten to Death With A Shovel, Stabbed In Back With A Kitchen Knife and Stabbed In Chest 3 Times With A Kitchen Knife (Lori Smith/Taylor Lenz and Hannah Thompson)