BLACK CHRISTMAS is a 2016 horror movie and remake of the 2006 movie of the same title. It stars Dianna Agron, Elizabeth Gillies, Nina Dobrev, Emma Roberts, Demi Lovato, Katharine Issabelle, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Christian Serratos, Jamie Chung, Dylan O'Brien, Janel Parrish, Ashley Benson, Claire Holt, Sarah Paulson and Ansel Elgort.


Clair (Christian Serratos) is on the phone with a friend talking about how her sister is picking her up for christmas and the line drops. Clair assumes it was the storm and sees a person outside, watching her. She closes the shades and sits infront of her laptop to finish her essay. The reflection shows the person behind her and her hair is pulled back and is stabbed in the eye by Agnes. (Sarah Paulson)

Billy Lenz (Ansel Elgort) escapes the asylum by killing multiple doctors and patients and makes his way to his old home.

Kylie Mac (Sarah Michelle Gellar) has the girls gather together for presents, which leads to an argument. Heather (Nina Dobrev) says she's leaving and bumps into Eve (Claire Holt) who gives her a glass unicorn. She then leaves as the girls giggle about her. Kylie defends Eve and digs through the presents again.

Kelli (Dianna Agron) is trying to get all the girls together when Lauren (Jamie Chung) tells her to do it with anger. They try it on Megan (Janel Parrish) and she scolds them both. It is revealed that Kelli's boyfriend slept with Megan and made a video and it was sent online.

Dana (Emma Roberts) is smoking outside and sees Billy, thinking it's some kid. Billy climbs up to a window in the attic and gets in. Megan hears the footsteps and goes up to see, only to get killed by Agnes and Billy.

Kelli goes to find Megan and runs into Kyle (Dylan O'Brien) and looks at Megan's computer to see the sex tape. The girls hear her yell and they kick him out. They notice Clair and Megan aren't anywhere to be found. The sisters find Clair's sister, Leigh, (Katharine Issabelle) downstairs and she tells them Clair didn't show up.

Kelli, Dana, Heather and Melissa (Nina Dobrev) go outside to get a car started and open Eve's car door to find her head fall out. They run back inside and warn the others. Heather decides they should go and Mrs. Mac brings her to her car. They are attacked and Heather's head is chopped off. Mrs. Mac is shoved down and beaten with the ax.

The seven inside wonder why they haven't left yet. Hanna (Demi Lovato) tells the others the power was shut off and offers to turn it back on. She goes to the basement and is murdered when she turns the lights on. Lauren goes into her room and lies on her bed after drinking to much and she is attacked and chased to the attic. She is lifted onto the deer head and impaled.

Dana notices her best friend, Aimee (Ashley Benson) was gone and looks for her. Aimee is outside running in the storm to find help. She is then running on the frozen lake and she sees Billy with a hammer. He throws it, missing her and hitting the ice, making it break and she falls in. She gets stuck under and drowns.

While looking for Aimee, Dana is attacked and she climbs out the window, but trips on christmas lights and rolls off the roof, getting entangled in the lights. She lands and gets out of the lights and runs, slipping on ice. She realizes she's on the pond and scrapes some snow off to find Aimee, frozen under the ice. Dana screams as her hand breaks through, Aimee's arm flies up to her, but sinks down again. Dana steps into a noose created by Billy, and it wraps around her leg. She falls as Billy turns the snow plow on and Dana is dragged into it.

The girls notice that everyone is gone and find Kyle got in again. He opens the attic and is dragged in and murdered. The girls get in as well and Agnes attacks again, making Leigh fall back and the floor to collapse, making Melissa and Leigh fall to the second floor. As Kelli fights Agnes, Melissa finds Mrs. Mac's shotgun and runs back upstairs and shoots Agnes, making her fall out the window, hitting the car on the way.

Melissa and Kelli run down to see Billy run to the door. Melissa holds the shotgun to the door and yells, "MERRY FUCKING CHRISTMAS, BITCH!" shooting Billy in the head.

Leigh is told Clair was found dead at the hospital. She walks into Kelli's hospital room and is attacked by Agnes.

Kelli and Melissa walk into the room to find Leigh dead, when Kelli is locked out and Agnes tries killing Melissa. Melissa uses the defibulator and electrocutes Agnes. She leaves the room and finds help as Kelli watches Agnes' body. She suddenly rises, making Kelli scream.


  • Dianna Agron as Kelli Pressly, the good girl
  • Elizabeth Gillies as Melissa Kitt, the funny sister
  • Nina Dobrev as Heather Fitzgerald, the smart sister
  • Emma Roberts as Dana Acker, the rude sister
  • Demi Lovato as Hanna Green, the innocent sister
  • Katharine Issabelle as Leigh Colvin, Clair's sister
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar as Kylie Mac, the house mother
  • Christian Serratos as Clair Crosby, the quiet one
  • Jamie Chung as Lauren Song, the drinker
  • Dylan O'Brien as Kyle Thomason, Kelli's needy boyfriend
  • Janel Parrish as Megan Helms, the slutty sister
  • Ashley Benson as Aimee Henderson, the pretty sister
  • Claire Holt as Eve Agnew, the outsider
  • Sarah Paulson as Agnes Lenz, serial killer
  • Ansel Elgort as Billy Lenz, serial killer


  • Mrs. Lenz - Killed pre-film.
  • Mr. Lenz - Killed pre-film.
  • Clair - Stabbed in eye with pen. (Agnes)
  • Officers, Patients, Doctors - Butchered. (Billy)
  • Eve - Decapitated off screen (Billy)
  • Megan - Stabbed with glass unicorn, (Agnes) eye ripped out. (Billy)
  • Heather - Head chopped off (Billy)
  • Kylie - Beaten with ax. (Billy)
  • Hanna - Pushed into fuse box, stabbed multiple times. (Agnes)
  • Lauren - Shoved onto deer horns. (Agnes)
  • Aimee - Drowned, Frozen under lake. (Billy)
  • Dana - Dragged into snow plow. (Billy)
  • Billy - Shot in the head. (Melissa)
  • Leigh - Killed off-screen. (Agnes)
  • Agnes - Electrocuted with defibulator, possibly still alive. (Melissa)


  • Kelli Pressly
  • Melissa Kitt
  • Agnes Lenz (Possibly)
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