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Biological Women
Genre Comedy
Created by Brian Firkus

Brian McCook

Starring Brian Firkus (Trixie Mattel)

Brian McCook (Katya Zamolodchikova)


Michelle Visage

Jerick Hoffer (Jinkx Monsoon)

Alan Cumming

Missi Pyle

Opening Theme Read U Wrote U (Instrumental)
Location Los Angeles, California
Country Of Origin United States of America
Number Of Episodes 13
Running Time 30 minutes
Original Channel: VH1
Original Air Date July 20th 2017 - present
Produced by World of Wonder
Directed by Various

Biological Women is an American comedy television series starring Brian Firkus and Brian McCook as fictionalised versions of themselves and their drag personas Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolodchikova. It began airing on VH1 on July 20th 2017. The first season consisted of 13 half-hour episodes.


Brian Firkus is a Wisconsin-born make-up artist who works on the MAC counter at JCPenny by day and his drag persona Trixie Mattel at local bars and clubs by night. He lives in West Hollywood with fellow drag queen and recovering addict Brian McCook, who works as a teacher of Russian language at the local community college, alongside Trixie he's a queen called Katya Zamolodchikova, named after a hooker he met in Moscow. They share the dream of eventually breaking into mainstream drag but there are things (and people) standing in their way, including ruthless night club manager Angelina (Michelle Visage) and her narcoleptic sidekick Rupert (Jinkx Monsoon).



  • Brian Firkus as Brian/Trixie Mattel, a retail assistant and part-time drag queen.
  • Brian McCook as Brian/Katya Zamolodchikova, a community college teacher and part-time drag queen.
  • Michelle Visage as Angelina McQueen, a nightclub owner in West Hollywood, she reluctantly hires Trixie and Katya out of desperation, but plots to have them fired.
  • Jerrick Hoffer as Rupert/Jinkx, Angelina's narcoleptic assistant who usually headlines drag events at the club under his persona Jinkx Monsoon.


  • Alan Cumming as Jonah Meyers, a well respected talent agent who Trixie and Katya try to woo, but end up hospitalising.
  • Missi Pyle as Agatha Webber, a blogger who tries to create feuds between Trixie, Katya and the other queens.

Guest Stars

  • Justin Honard as Alaska Thunderfuck, a popular international drag queen. She clashes with Katya when she befriends Trixie, but ends up being exposed as a snake.
  • Roy Haylock as Bianca Del Rio, a friendly comedy queen who serves as a mentor to Trixie and Katya, but turns on them after being fed lies by Agatha.
  • RuPaul as herself, the infamous drag queen and television personality. She appears to Trixie and Katya in a shared dream.
  • Lady Bunny as Helen the Homeless Drag Queen, a queen who lives on the street outside Angelina's nightclub.
  • Christine Baranski as Barbara McCook, Katya's mom.
  • Susan Sarandon as Linda Firkus, Trixie's mom.


Episode Title Synopsis Airdate
1 Pilot 20th July 2017
2 Church of West Hollywood 27th July 2017
3 The Agency 3rd August 2017
4 Superstar Queens (Part 1) 10th August 2017
5 Superstar Queens (Part 2) 17th August 2017
6 Mothers Have Arrived 24th August 2017
7 Stop Or Our Moms Will Shoot a Music Video! 31st August 2017
8 Take Your (Sex) Position Seriously 7th September 2017
9 Don't Joke About That 14th September 2017
10 The Same Parts as Trixie Mattel 21st September 2017
11 Mr. and Mrs. Katya Zamolodchikova 28th September 2017
12 Touring Prospects (Part 1) 5th October 2017
13 Touring Prospects (Part 2) 5th October 2017