BioShock is a 2019 American Fantasy Psychological Action Horror film written by Eric Heisserer & Neil Gaiman, directed by Steven S. DeKnight starring Sam Worthington, Emily Watson and Vin Diesel. Based on the 2007 first person shooter horror video game of the same name by 2K Marin and Digital Extremes, as well it's 2010 video game sequel: Bioshock 2.

The plot follows an amnesiac plane crash survivor as he navigates his way through a dystopian advanced underwater city, guided by a mysterious communicator contending with it's disfigured citizens and it's warring leaders.

Released theatrically and in IMAX select theatres on March 17th, 2019 to box office, commercial and critical success.


The Crash

An amnesiac man Jack Wynand according to his wallet avoids airport security and police showing his photo around to board the flight to England. On the plane flashes of photographs of a doctor and two women with children occur before a kind woman travelling alone takes seat next to him in his lone section. She exclaims she is travelling to London to start anew, having struck no success in America. After their conversation as Jack rests his eyes he awakens to the plane having crashed into the North Atlantic ocean as the song Here's To The Next Time by Henry Hall rings in his head. The plane's sides are alight and he notices all aboard are dead from the destruction as the plane floods and he ejects himself up to the surface.

Swimming his way to a nearby lighthouse for help he comes across a strange spherical vehicle that upon entering locks him in. A black and white infomercial appears on screens inside broadcasting a man: Andrew Ryan welcoming him to the Bathysphere, a new marvel in advanced technology and the means of transportation to his greatest invention: Rapture, a colossal underwater utopian city, one advanced in the capabilities of man & woman.

Arrival In Rapture

The Bathysphere crashes into a port area and Jack is suddenly submerged in water as a shortwave radio signals for him to collect it, the voice belonging to a man named 'Atlas' who a resident whose family are in peril, and who having heard of the crash on the surface has sent a colleague Johnny to collect him. Johnny is however killed by a hook handed, disfigured woman who scales the ceiling and guts him. Jack escapes with a socket wrench as the woman disappears and Atlas explains the city of Rapture to him.

Andrew Ryan a man shunned by society for radical ideologies using his fortune invested in the construction of the underwater utopia along with seven of his most trusted partners, utilising unnatural minerals and elements from the ocean called 'ADAM' the city thrived on life where they could manifest advanced kinetic abilities, until ADAM resulted in addiction, and corruption among the city's monarchy resulted in riots two years prior that led to it's current state. He informs Jack that Johnny's murderer and his monstrous attacker is a female citizen who like nearly all others here has become a mutated version of herself, which the remaining conventional citizens refer to as a 'Splicer.'

Jack follows instructions from Atlas guiding him to his location to assist in the rescue of his wife and son in return for helping him out of Rapture, ending his key instructions with 'Would You Kindly.' Jack injects himself with an 'Eve' Hypodermic needle resulting in ADAM entering his genetic structure, imbuing him with telekinetic abilities. He utilises this and a recovered shotgun to save a little girl being attacked by Splicers in the city atrium. Approaching the girl he is attacked by her large robotic monster companion entitled Big Daddy, killing it with his shotgun and telekinesis as he causes a collapse. The girl is seen with demonic glowing eyes and a woman appears begging him to spare her, passing him an Eve needle that will help him to save her. Jack does so and putting his hand upon the struggling girl's head restores her to normal, the girl introduces herself as Eleanor Lamb.

The woman introduces herself as scientist Brigid Tenenbaum who is trying to save all the children of Rapture, who as a result of Andrew Ryan and his mobster rival Frank Fontaine have been turned into ADAM repositories for all adult denizens. She asks that before he leaves as she is not an ADAM user that save any children he finds, who will find their way to her.

The Mad Doctor

Jack still guided by Atlas towards the city wharf to rendezvous facing obstacle from a Splicer cosmetic surgeon in the Medical Pavilion named Dr. Steinman who is taking an abducted Splicer woman to surgery. There he performs gruesome facial reconstructive surgery as Jack descends and kills obtaining ADAM for Electrokinesis, electrocuting the mad doctor. He saves Steinman's daughter Rose and brings her to Brigid. At the wharf Atlas's family in a Bathysphere are killed in a sudden explosion before Atlas can reach them.

The Heart and Lungs of Rapture

Andrew Ryan then talks through the radio to Jack threatening him and Atlas. Atlas tells Jack that they leave Rapture unlivable so all Ryan and all the remaining Big Daddy cyborgs and Splicers will die. He directs him to Arcadia, Botanical Garden floor that serves Rapture all it's oxygen. He meets with still human, but partially disfigured botanist Julie Langford who agrees to assist him and Atlas. However as they cut off all the oxygen, Ryan releases poison gas through Langford's office killing her, but not before she leaves the combination to a panic room containing her nephew Samuel, who Jack purges.

Sander Cohen's Final Show

Jack then comes to the theatre arts floor Fort Frolic which leads to Fontaine Futuristics and where he becomes trapped by maddened splicer Sander Cohen: a former playwright and sculptor who enlists him in tracking down, killing and photographing his splicer disciples for his art piece. Jack on Atlas' insistence goes along after Cohen kills the first of his four disciples: Kyle Fitzpatrick his pianist, strapped in and killed with an exploding piano, much to Jack's horror. Jack then icy tunnels using hydrokinesis freezes second disciple Martin Finnegan. The third disciple Silas Cobb is killed in a record store using pyrokinesis and the fourth and final disciple Hector Rodriquez is found in a bar and is shot various times. With all four's photos a disturbing picture display held in place by clay covered corpses appeases Cohen who permits Jack to Ryan's home building Hephaestus, where has barricaded himself in his office.

"Would You Kindly"?

Once there a still human Ryan reveals to Jack his hallucinations, the ghosts he sees, the plane crash and Rapture was his destiny, being a hypnotised puppet, he uses the phrase 'Would You Kindly' to have Jack beat him to death with his golf club.

Atlas then reveals himself as Frank Fontaine and that he was the son of Andrew Ryan, an amnesiac as a result of mind manipulation and that Brigid Tenenbaum had formerly been a part of the trials that made him into a sleeper agent in the outside world, until he activated him to kill the pilots on his flight across the Atlantic, crash and rejoin Rapture to assassinate Ryan. Brigid patches through to Jack using Langford's sleeper code to release him and aids him in reaching Fontaine who has the rest of the abducted children in his factory: Fontaine Futuristics.

There Jack comes across the severely mutated Frank Fontaine and does battle with him, with the assistance of Tenenbaum's controlled Big Daddies. Jack also releases the still possessed captive children which tear him apart. With Fontaine dead Jack uses the last of his ADAM and lifeforce to restore the children. He is saved from death from a final standing Big Daddy that brings him to the surface, collected by a submarine containing Tenenbaum and the children of Rapture.


  • Sam Worthington as Jack Wynand
  • Emily Watson as Brigid Tenenbaum
  • Vin Diesel as Frank Fontaine
  • Bob Odenkirk as Andrew Ryan
  • Fifi Hart as Eleanor Lamb
  • Andy Serkis as Stanley Poole
  • Sacha Baron Cohen as Sander Cohen
  • Jason Isaacs as J.S. Steinman
  • Uma Thurman as Julie Langford
  • Colin Hanks as Augustus Sinclair
  • Armie Hammer as Atlas
  • Ciarán Hinds as Sullivan
  • Octavia Spencer as Grace Holloway
  • B.D. Wong as Yi Suchong
  • Mamie Gummer as Jasmine Jolene
  • Lady Gaga as Diane McClintock
  • Tony Hale as Gilbert Alexander
  • Alexandra Billings as Margaret/The Woman On The Plane


  1. Here's To The Next Time- Henry Hall & The Philadelphia Harmonic Orchestra
  2. Moon Indigo- Duke Ellington
  3. Pennies From Heaven- Bing Crosby feat. George Stoll
  4. All The Things You Are- Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra
  5. God Bless America- Kate Smith
  6. Sleepy Lagoon- Harry James
  7. This Land Is Your Land- Woody Guthrie
  8. There Are Such Things- Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra
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