Bio-Mech is 2016 superhero film.


A teenager is transformed into a high-tech cyborg


  • Charlie Tahan as Andrew Marks/Bio-Mech
  • Lia Marie Johnson as Cassandra Franklin, Bio-Mech's love interest.
  • Jeff Daniels as Shane Richards, a company CEO and the brains behind Bio-Mech.
  • Viggo Mortensen as Colonel Harvey Smith, a disabled military veteran who Shane Richards wanted to be the cyborg.
    • Jamie Campbell Bower as Colonel Harvey Smith after becoming a cyborg
  • Fred Armisen as Dr. Dalton, Shane Richard's chief scientist
  • Christopher Meloni as Gabriel Armstrong, chief of police

Post Credits Scene

  • Ian McShane as Craig Oliver
  • Demi Moore as Mrs. Matthews
  • Taylor Momsen as Jo Matthews


"Do you know how much this project costs, I'm not going to stand by and watch my work be wasted on a kid." - Shane Richards to Dr. Dalton

"Colonel Smith, what if I told you that I could make you better. - Shane Richards to Harvey Smith

"What now?" "Plan B" - Shane Richards and Craig Oliver

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