Bigger Monsters for Hire is a company that can summon monsters to aid anyone who needs them. Careful decision must be used to determine which monster to call for help. The more powerful and unstable the monster is, the higher the owner will be charged. They first appeared in episode 2, where Aquaman enlists the help of Fuanteina to defeat Hoshi CL and the Blitz Craig's spy after borrowing Superman's credit card without his consent, only to fail when the latter is destroyed via teamwork from the Blitz Craig.

In episode 5, they tell the Super Friends that there are monsters that cannot be summoned, due to that summoned monster becoming a bigger threat that cannot be controlled and for the safety of everyone else.

Main Monsters

  • Angry Us: A Stegosaurus that likes to charge its enemies.
  • A Cthulhu like monster.
  • A bull like monster.

Monsters that cannot be summoned through their company. Anyone who summons these monsters will be arrested, as these monsters are hard to control.

Escaped Monsters

  • Fuanteina: A humanoid blob like alien that can wield a sword that splits in two.


  • Some of the names of the monsters are parodies of various Kaiju.
  • The name of the company is an allusion to the TV Trope Summon Bigger Fish.
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