Bigfoot is a 2015 American horror film inspired by the cryptid Bigfoot. The film was directed by Robert Rodriguez and scored by Harry Gregson-Williams. Bigfoot stars Kurt Russell, Eric Roberts, Theo James, Lily Collins, Michael Shannon, Danny Trejo and Ron Perlman as Bigfoot with a cameo by Guns N' Roses as themselves.


The citizens of Black Creek are preparing for the upcoming rock concert to be held in Black Creek National Park. Sheriff Josh Beckett is worried about the concert, due to several unexplained disappearances in the area. Local drunk and former hunter Jack Donnelly claims that the missing people have fallen victim to the legendary Bigfoot; he tells a story about how he once encountered such a creature and lost his leg.

Beckett disappoints his daughter Rachel by telling her she isn't allowed go to the concert due to safety concerns. He is approached by James McHale, a big game hunter, who offers to kill the creature in return for one million dollars. Beckett is reluctant to agree, but after seeing how upset Rachel is about not getting to attend the concert, he decides to hire McHale and allow Rachel to attend the concert.

At the concert, Rachel meets McHale's estranged son Joey and they hit it off. McHale and some of his friends head into the park to kill the Bigfoot, but are attacked by a rabid dog, who McHale kills. One by one, the group of hunters come to meet their gruesome demise, revealed to be at the hands of a rabid Bigfoot who was bitten by the dog. The creature knocks McHale out and heads for the concert.

Beckett visits the concert and sees the Bigfoot heading straight for them. He tries unsuccessfully to alert the crowd, who only notice Bigfoot when he leaps onto the stage and violently murders Guns N' Roses. The beast then jumps into the crowd and goes on a bloody rampage. McHale shows up and tries to shoot Bigfoot, but is knocked to the ground. As Bigfoot is about to kill him the band's roadie Jesús wraps McHale's grenade belt around Bigfoot's neck and pulls all the pins out. Beckett drags McHale to safety just as the grenades explode, blowing Bigfoot's head off.

Back in town, Beckett angrily berates McHale for failing to kill Bigfoot. Donelly stumbles into the morgue where the body is being held, and comments that the dead Bigfoot is actually only a young creature, and wonders aloud if it has a vengeful parent looking for blood. Just at that moment, a much larger Bigfoot stomps into town and goes on a violent and destructive rampage. Donelly is killed in the attack, and Bigfoot chases after Beckett and McHale in a jeep as they try to escape. McHale manages to fire his rifle at the gas station, resulting in a fireball which leaves scarring burns across Bigfoot. The monster then kidnaps Rachel and escapes back into the park.

Beckett prepares to set off for the park to rescue his daughter, but is joined by McHale and Joey, determined to assist him. They head up into the mountains where Bigfoot is holding Rachel. At the same time, Rachel manages to escape from Bigfoot and reunites with her father as they reach the top of the mountain. Bigfoot comes after her, but Joey shoots it several times and it collapses. Deputy Garris arrives in a helicopter to pick them up, and they all climb into the chopper, where McHale reconciles with his son, telling him that he's never been prouder.

Suddenly, Bigfoot leaps onto the chopper and rips it apart, tossing Garris out. The helicopter crashes and is left dangling over the edge of the cliff. Beckett is thrown clear, but Joey, Rachel and McHale are trapped inside. McHale helps them out but refuses Joey's help, knowing it will endanger his life. The chopper dislodges and falls, with McHale smiling at his son before the helicopter plummets to the ground and explodes. Bigfoot charges at Beckett, who blows it up with a rocket launcher. The film ends with the trio awaiting rescue atop the mountain.


Kurt Russell - Sheriff Josh Beckett

Eric Roberts - James McHale

Theo James - Joey McHale

Lily Collins - Rachel Beckett

Michael Shannon - Jack Donnelly

Danny Trejo - Jesús

Ron Perlman - Bigfoot

Guns N' Roses - Themselves

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