Big time Shark Attack is is a 2014 Comedy Horror Film that stars kenadall Schmidt,James Maslow,Carlos Pena,Logan henderson,Katelyn Tarver,Malese Jow,Erin Sanders,Tristin Mays,David Cade,Matt Riedy,Kelli Goes and barnett o'hara


when the boys of BTR with friends and girlfriends are sent to an island but they do not know is this full of sharks now james and kendall will have to save his friends and their girlfriends before they are eaten by sharks


kenadall Schmidt as Kendall Knight

James Maslow as James Diamond 

Carlos Pena as Carlos Garcia

Logan Henderson as Logan Mitchel

lKatelyn Tarver as Jo Taylor

Malese Jow as Lucy Stone

Erin Sanders as Camille Roberts

Tristin Mays as Stephanie King

David Cade as Jett

StetsonMatt Riedy as Arthur Griffin

Kelli Goes as Jennifer 2

barnett o'hara as Guitar Dude


Guitar Dude-eaten when it is playing in the lake

Jennifer 2-devoured while in his floating chair

Arthur Griffin-head eaten by a great white shark

Jett stetson-eaten by two sharks while he was swimming naked to seduce jo

Stephanie King-eaten by a baby sharks

Camile Roberts-eaten by a shark when escaping on the boat

Lucy Stone-after killing a white shark bites another arm jumps and dies by blood loss

Jo Taylor-devoured when she was swimming to escape

Carlos Pena-he is eaten by a shark when he was running along the quay

Logan Mitchell-he is eaten when he was swimming to help carlos


James Diamond and Kendall Knight.

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