Act I

The Movie begins with a same woman who's in the country side after leaving Carlow.

  • Cillian 1 [VO]: My name is Cillian Darcy... I'm a human girl. I got banished from Carlow for lie.

Flashback to the meeting.

  • Mayor Higgenbottom: The town results are in. We shall get rid of Carlow unending nightmare girl...
  • Cillian 1 [VO]: I founded out they were talking about me. so I fleed from Carlow and travel into the country side. So now, I keep running and running.

Act II


Act IV

Act V

Act VI

During the War, The Mayor, Boz and Melanie got a message from the TARDIS.

  • Lorcan: look!
  • Cillian: Hello, Guys? This is Cillian Darcy.
  • Dark Cillian: Also Dark Cillian.
  • Cillian 1: and also Cillian Darcy Number 1 
  • Melanie: Amazing, All Three of them... Number 1 made her own future 2 male Incarnations.
  • Mayor Higgenbottom: But what are you doing?
  • Cillian 1: Dad, i got a plan, I opened a time vortex to help with all of my incarnations to win the war.
  • Dark Cillian: We can able to change the future of Planet Earth, Regeneration cycle, Family Reunion, First Battle with the Daleks, Everything!
  • Cillian: So we can able to use our Tardises to destroy the Rainbow Factory and Ready to go!
  • Mayor Higgenbottom: Which it isn't, Why would you do such a thing, Cillian?!
  • Cillian 1: Because i'm going to do things right by helping my dark incarnation to save the world!
  •  Dark Cillian: For You, Mr Mayor.
  • Cillian 1: and I never want to see you ever again!
  • Mayor Higgenbottom: Okay, can you destroy the factory?
  • Cillian: Well actually wait can you see a suprise! I've starting this a long time ago baby!
  • Cillian 2: Calling Mayor of Carlow. This is Cillian Darcy!
  • Cillian 1: You might say I've been doing this all my future lives!

Back in the Town Halls the others look all of Cillian's Incarnations

  • Cillian 3: Off with their heads baby!  
  • Cillian 4: Good Luck!
  • Cillian 5: Lock and Loaded! 
  • Cillian 6: Standing By
  • Cillian 7: Ready.
  • Cillian 7 1/2: Commencing calculations.
  • Cillian 8: Soon be there.
  • Cillian 9: Wish me Luck
  • Cillian 10: Across the boundaries that divide one universe from another!
  • Cillian 11: Just go to lock on to his coordinates!
  • Cillian 12: Let's do it, Baby!
  • Cillian 13: and for my Next Trick of Magic!

The Mayor is suprised that they saw them.

  • Mayor Higgenbottom: This is the surprise but it's impossible! All sixteen of them? Impossible!
  • Boz: No! Mr Mayor! You got it all wrong!! 
  • Mayor Higgenbottom: why?!
  • Boz: Not Sixteen... ALL EIGHTEEN!!!!

In New Tardises has a tw new Face Cillians.

  • Mayor Higgenbottom: Eighteen of them?! It's amazing!
  • Rainbow Factory Dash: FIRE!
  • Mayor Higgenbotton: That's it! Do it! JUST DO IT!!! I'M BEGGING YOU!
  • Cillian: okay.


At the Museum, All sixteen Cillians left. Having a cup of tea in front of Gallifrey Falls in England.

  • Cillian 1: You know, this is really fun adventure. 
  • Cillian 11: i believe it's a great trip.
  • Cillian 13: A boring trip in your wallet. Go to your wedding!
  • Cillian 11: Okay, see ya suckers!

Cillian number 11 and Lindsey James goes into the TARDIS and dismateralised.

  • Cillian 1: Well, my regenerations are boys and my eighth and thirteenth bodies are girls. I rather save the world, survived my death, Travel with the Doctor? I think i can do that. For now on, For this moment, I am Cillian Darcy... Number 0. My regenderation begins now. Thank you. Hey, which one's mine?!

Cillian and Cillian 13 look at her tardis.

  • Cillian 1: Oh! Silly me!

Cillian number 1 goes into hers and begin to change her gander from a girl into a boy.

  • Cillian 1: Oh yes, of course. I suppose it makes sense. Wearing a bit thin. I hope the ears are a bit less conspicuous this time.

Cillian begins to change into her dark incarnation smiling.

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