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Beyond of Cillian Darcy
Cillian Darcy (s) Fourteenth Cillian Darcy
Thirteenth Cillian Darcy
Twelfth Cillian Darcy
Eleventh Cillian Darcy
Tenth Cillian Darcy
Ninth Cillian Darcy
Eighth Cillian Darcy
Seventh Cillian Darcy
Sixth Cillian Darcy
Fifth Cillian Darcy
Fourth Cillian Darcy
Third Cillian Darcy
Second Cillian Darcy
Dark Cillian Darcy
First Cillian Darcy
Companion (s) Ed Edd n Eddy
Lindsey James
Emily James
Emily Tredwell
Amy Pond
Rachel Mason
Lorcan Tredwell
Lilly Tredwell
Kino Darcy
Deathic Darcy
Main Enemy (s) Rainbow Factory Dash
Weeping Angels
Lord Queen Poisonia (Main Antagonist)
Running Time 90 minutes

 Beyond of Cillian Darcy is the TV film and emarks Noah Crawford's penultimate episode of the Fourteenth Cillian Series until Cillian Darcy 3: Doom Beyond Time



On the 24th of september 1995, the Mayor of Carlow and the residents of Carlow even the Darcys are having a meeting to banish Cillian Darcy in her first body because she was accuses for murdering Boz's boss's son Alex for sexually abuse towards her but she mysteriously disappeared off the face of the earth.

Years later, Cillian in his eleventh body getting married to his favorite companion he ever had. The mysteriously forces appeared and saw Another Cillian apppeared with another but Female Cillian Darcy who accidentally interupted the wedding after arrive to being their predeseccor a message that there's plenty of new evil



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