Beyond The Northern Lights is an American animated adventure film. The film tells the story of Catori, a compassionate Native American girl


Taking place in the Ice Age era, During her journey, she came across four unusual brothers who help her on her journey.

Catori-a compassionate 18 year old wanderer who has the ability to see spirits and to talk to animals.

Haroldo- the leader and the eldest of the four brothers

O-dwi- A magical shaman who is jealous of

Malaki- the youngest of the four brothers. He doesn't know what he's role is among his older brothers.

Odin- the second eldest of the four brothers. Despite being the strong of his brothers, he is very overconfident, brash and unintelligent.

Otto- the third eldest of the four brothers and is Odin's twin brother. He is the brains among the four brothers.

Etoile- a beautiful native girl who is best friends with the four brothers. She eventually became Catori's girlfriend in the end.


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