Beware The Batman is a 2004 American superhero-thriller film starring Rino Romano. It also stars Ellen Page, David Harbour, Brian George, Udo Kier, and Jeremy Irons. This is rated R for foul language, bloody violence, and inappropriate momments.


A vigilante (Rino Romano) who kills criminals must save the world from a vengeful district attorney (David Harbour).


The film starts with bank robbers trying to load some stolen goods and a tied up hostage (Ellen Page) into their truck but they are stalked by a vigilante called V-Bat (Rino Romano). One criminal Cat Lady (Grey DeLisle) guards the door but she is grabbed from behind and suffocated to death. The second criminal (Robbie Amell) tries to leave but is also grabbed and is left hanging by the neck on a gargoyle. The third criminal (Steven Blum) then starts trying to find him but V-Bat breaks through a glass roof and crushes the criminal towards the glass shard covered floor, killing him. The fourth criminal (Jennifer Tilly) starts running but is stabbed and also hanged by the neck. The final criminal (John DiMaggio) then starts getting angry and tries to find the enemy but is knocked to the floor and his head is smashed into the floor. V-Bat finds the hostage and takes her with him. (the opening titles, "Beware The Batman" is shown)

In his headquarters, he unties her but makes her not tell anybody. She agrees but is ordered to stay with him and becomes his partner, where she is named "Katana".

The next morning, Katana watches the news but is shocked to see that two criminals were found dead: Professor Pyg (Brian George) was found crucified upside down and Mr. Toad (Udo Kier) was strangled to death in his cell while holding a domino. She then realizes that V-Bat did this.


  • Rino Romano as Logan Wayne/V-Bat - A vigilante who wants to rid Gotham of corruption but unlike the original Batman, this version kills criminals and acts more stern and ruthless. He is named V-Bat just to reveal he is from a different world. He also falls in love with his partner Katana.
  • Ellen Page as Katana - An assassin who falls in love with V-Bat and helps him kill criminals.
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