Beverly Hills Cop IV is a 2013 American action-comedy film directed by Martin Brest. It is the forth film in the Beverly Hills Cop series. Starring Eddie Murphy returns as Axel Foley, Neve Campbell, Matthew Lillard and Judge Reinhold. It will be 29 years ago when the first film come out in cinema.


Billy and Lloyd's son, Alex got kidnapped by Axel's lost brother, Lloyd. Axel Foley team up Billy's niece, Emily, and Billy's second son, George to rescue Billy and Alex from Lloyd, they got 38 hours.


Detroit police officer Axel Foley (Eddie Murphy) watch Billy Rosewood (Judge Reinhold)'s brother, Sean (TBA) was shot by Axel's lost brother, Lloyd Foley (Jamie Foxx) when in his undercover in the car park. Axel try to get Sean to the hospital but they was chase by Lloyd.


  • Eddie Murphy as Axel Foley
  • Neve Campbell as Emily Rosewood
  • Matthew Lillard as George Rosewood
  • Judge Reinhold as Billy Rosewood
  • Jamie Foxx as Lloyd Foley
  • Ellen Wroe as Lisa Woods


The Opening Scene

  • Axel: I can,t believe I wear this suit for £90.
  • Axel: This is bullshit.
  • Sean: I know this is bullshit when you wear the suit for £90.
  • Sean: You are Axel Foley.
  • Axel: Do I know you.
  • Sean: My name is Rosewood, Sean Rosewood.
  • Axel: Rosewood.
  • Axel: Are you part of Billy Rosewood's family.
  • Sean: You know him.
  • Axel: He is Beverly Hills Cop, I mean...
  • Sean: Deputy Director of Operations for Joint Systems Interdepartmental Operational Command
  • Axel: Billy is retired.
  • Sean: No, he is not retired, he in Beverly Hills.
  • Axel: With who, are you make it joke.
  • Sean: I need you for my undercover.
  • Axel: In where.
  • (Scene in the car park)
  • Axel: In the car park, no way.
  • Sean: Oh, come on, Foley.

Axel and Emily chase when Billy and Alex was kidnapped by Lloyd

  • Axel: Leave Billy, he like got time from Alex.
  • Lisa: It is bullshit, Axel.
  • Emily: Lisa's right, the police need Uncle....
  • (Shooting)
  • Alex: Daddy.
  • Billy: I am here.
  • Alex: No, that Daddy, the real Daddy.
  • Billy: Oh shit.
  • Billy: Let me out.
  • Emily: I did not lock it.
  • Axel: Who did.
  • Lisa: Hide.
  • Emily: Uncle, hide.
  • Axel: Don,t make a sound.
  • (Woman scream)
  • Emily: One fucking scream woman.
  • (Shooting)
  • (People scream)
  • (Billy run and open the door)
  • Billy: Axel, Emily.
  • Axel: Billy, wrong door.
  • (Lloyd look)
  • Billy: Oh shit.
  • Emily: Back.
  • (Billy jump)
  • Alex: Billy.
  • Billy: Hold on.
  • (Shooting at the car and Alex scream)
  • (Lloyd walk)
  • Lloyd: Give me my son.
  • Billy: Fuck you.
  • (Billy scream and shooting)
  • Billy: Shit.
  • Emily: Uncle, give him to Alex.
  • Billy: Why.
  • Axel: He is Alex's father.
  • Emily: He is right.
  • Billy: Lloyd can go to goddamn hell.
  • Emily: What you wanted, a birth fucking certificate, Billy.
  • Emily: Bring him to Alex, you fucking jackass.
  • Billy: He is my kid, you had come and get us.
  • (Lloyd scream and shooting and Billy and Alex scream)
  • (Lloyd move the claw to get Billy and Alex and both scream)
  • Axel: Billy.
  • Emily: Alex.
  • George: Guys.
  • Billy: Help.
  • George: Dad.
  • Emily: Uncle.
  • Emily: Let them go, you stupid son of the bitch.
  • (Shooting 9 time but miss Emily)
  • Axel and Lisa: Emily.
  • Emily: Shit.
  • (Put Billy and Alex in the car and lock)
  • (Lloyd drive the car and explosion)
  • (Axel and Emily run to the car)
  • Axel: Billy, Alex.
  • Alex: Uncle Axel.
  • (Lloyd drive the car very fast)
  • Billy: AXEL, George, EMILY.
  • George: Dad.
  • Emily: Uncle.
  • Axel: Come on.
  • (Axel and Emily run)
  • (Axel and Emily shot but miss at Lloyd)

Axel, George and Emily break into Detective Edwards's house to get the file back

  • Emily: Axel, this is breaking the laws.
  • Axel: I know that, we are go to get the file back.
  • Emily: Fine.
  • Emily: If that fucking Edwards find us, this is all your fault.
  • Axel: Come on.
  • (Axel and Emily walk and lock the car)
  • Detective Edwards: I ask you about 23 fucking minutes for my fucking pizza.
  • Detective Edwards: You wanted my fucking name.
  • Detective Edwards: Daniel, Daniel Edwards.
  • (Door knock)
  • Axel: Shhh.
  • Axel: Here for smell pizza for Detective Edwards.
  • (Daniel open the door)
  • Daniel: What.
  • Axel (as a pizza boy): Danielle Edwards.
  • Daniel: Daniel Edwards.
  • Axel (as a pizza boy): Here your pizza.
  • Daniel: Thank you.
  • (Daniel open the box and groan)
  • Axel (as a pizza boy): Lovely smell.
  • (Daniel fall)
  • Emily: Nice one.
  • Axel: Thank.
  • Axel: Help me to take him.
  • Emily: Fine.
  • (Axel, George and Emily walk and get Daniel)
  • (They put Daniel on the toilet outside)
  • Emily: How you find an old toilet.
  • Axel: Some idiot put it outside.
  • (Emily and Axel walk)
  • Axel: After you.
  • Emily: No, after you.
  • George: I'll go.
  • (Emily, George and Axel walk and lock the door)

The van chase and shooting

  • Emily: Thank you for get us arrested, Axel.
  • Axel: This is not fair.
  • George: I know.
  • Axel: I hate Lloyd, I hate him, I hate him.
  • Emily: We don't have lot of time to get Uncle and Alex out, we got 2 hours.
  • Axel: 2 hours.
  • Emily: Is 10 at night, you idiot.
  • Axel: Oh.
  • Emily: First, we need to get out of here.
  • Axel: I got one.
  • (Emily saw the police car)
  • (Axel saw the police car)
  • Axel: JACKASS.
  • Emily: Axel.
  • (The police car stop)
  • Police driver: What the fuck you did, Foley.
  • Police drive: Rosewood.
  • Axel and Emily: Nothing.
  • (Axel saw the 6 policeman walk)
  • Axel: Oh shit.
  • (The policemans hold the gun)
  • Emily: Double shit.
  • Police driver: What.
  • (One of the policeman shot the police driver 3 time)
  • George: Triple shit.
  • Axel: Emily.
  • Emily: I get us out of here.
  • (Emily drive the van and shooting 49 time)


118 mins

Strong language, violence and flashing images

15 certificate

It will be distributed by Paramount Pictures

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