Betty & Jughead Investigate
Genre Crime Drama
Created by Ifan Barber

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa

Starring Lili Reinhart

Cole Sprouse

Opening Theme Bughead Theme
Location New York City (Season 1)

Los Angeles (Season 2 - )

Country Of Origin USA
Number Of Episodes 26
Running Time 42 minutes
Original Channel: The CW
Original Air Date January 26th 2022 - Present
Produced by Ifan Barber
Directed by Various
Betty & Jughead Investigate is an American crime drama television series inspired by the characters of Archie Comics and serves as a sequel series to Riverdale. It stars Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse in lead roles, reprising the characters of Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones respectively.



Lili Reinhart as Elizabeth 'Betty' Cooper, a down-on-luck Harvard Law School graduate who is dumped by her boyfriend and fired from her new job on the same day. She leaves Philadelphia for a fresh start in New York City and a chance encounter with Jughead Jones changes everything.

Cole Sprouse as Jughead Jones, a lonesome and withdrawn private investigator and detective. He left Riverdale at the same time as his friends to set up a business in New York City, making friends and enemies along the way. A chance encounter with Betty Cooper gives him an idea that may mean he won't be on his own after all.

Gillian Anderson as Moira Glass, Jughead's aunt and landlady. She lives in California but arrives back in New York with a difficult proposition for Betty and Jughead. Recurring Season 1

Casey Cott as Kevin Keller, Betty's best friend. He pays the duo a visit in New York and ultimately ends up working for them, using his college-acquired skills of computer hacking to assist with their investigations. Recurring Season 1


Camila Mendes as Veronica Lodge, she is Jughead and Betty's first client as a duo, an old friend from Riverdale High who has returned to the high society of Manhattan, she believes that one of her friends is having her targeted. She returns in season 2 when she pursues a career in television reporting, but serves as a key witness to a murder on the red carpet of a major awards show. (4 Episodes)

KJ Apa as Archie Andrews, a musician and graduate of UCLA, Archie returns to New York City for creative purposes, but when he discovers that his music is being copied by other artists, he reunites with his old high school friends in hope they can find the culprit. Archie reunites with his friends in season 2 when he learns they've moved to LA. (3 episodes)

Irie Hayleau as Valerie Andrews, Archie's wife and co-writer. She travels from LA to support him, and reveals she's pregnant with their first child. In season 2, she returns with Archie when they learn that the agency has moved to LA. (3 episodes)

Jake T. Austin as Mike Van Houten, Betty's ex-boyfriend and a paralegal in Philadelphia, he tries to recruit a reluctant Betty to investigate her former boss, an acclaimed lawyer, as the front of a major Drug Cartel on the East Coast. (3 episodes, Season 1)


Season 1

Episode Title Synopsis
1 Pilot Fired from her new job at a law firm for being too curious, and dumped by her boyfriend for the same reason, Betty Cooper relocates to New York City in hopes of a fresh start. A chance encounter with her old friend from Riverdale High, Jughead Jones, changes everything when she learns that he's now a private investigator.
2 Miss Veronica Lodge's Suspicions Jughead and Betty's first client as a duo is none other than Veronica Lodge, who after Graduation returned to the high society lifestyle of Manhattan. She arrives on their doorstep seeking protection, believing one of her fellow socialites has set a hitman on her tail.
3 Kevin Keller's Clever Conundrum Betty and Jughead are reunited with Kevin Keller, who turns out to be a key player in the resolution to a seemingly unsolvable case when the duo learn he's acquired an incredible skill in computer hacking.
4 The Ex Files Betty's ex-boyfriend Mike arrives in hopes of a reconciliation after uncovering some shocking evidence about her former boss.
5 Big Shot Betty and Jughead investigate the murder of a retired cop and soon discover that Manhattan is much more dangerous than they could ever have imagined.
6 Murder in the midst of a Degree Betty and Jughead's reputation leads to them being recruited by some NYPD detectives to assist in the solving of a murder of a NYU student in broad daylight.
7 Stop! Or My Dog will Shoot! Betty and Jughead are left dumbfounded when they're handed a case where the prime suspect is the victim's dog, despite the fact that the victim's cause of death was a gunshot wound.
8 Record Breaking 101 Archie Andrews is reunited with Betty and Jughead and seeks their help in finding a music thief. Along the way, Betty and Archie resolve any feelings that were left untouched since they last spoke.
9 The Lawyer, The Drugs and The Decision Mike arrives back in New York revealing it must be Betty who exposes Max McMorgan for the drug baron he is, but Jughead isn't convinced.
10 Aunts Know Best Jughead's aunt arrives in New York with a huge proposition for him. Betty travels to Philadelphia to do some investigating into Max McMorgan behind Jughead's back.
11 Time to Decide Betty's decision to expose McMorgan leaves a rift between her a Jughead, causing him to seriously contemplate Moira's offer. Is this the end of their partnership?
12 Parting of the Ways Jughead prepares to leave for LA, but with one final case left on his desk, can he and Betty put aside their differences and find the Baker's killer before he strikes again?
13 Conclusive Decision Making Jughead and Betty reunite, but Jughead feels the offer to move to LA is too good a chance and asks Betty and Kevin to join him, but will they accept?
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