This version of Better Watch Out, a.k.a. Home Alone 6, is a 2017 American Christmas horror thriller comedy film starring Levi Miller and Olivia DeJonge.

In the fanon timeline, the roles are reverse. Luke is the innocent main character while Ashley is the killer.

Luke's P.O.V.

(it was another winter day, my parents are going out for a vacation and hired my 18-year-old best-friend Ashley to babysit me but she always has these weird games that make me feel violated and makes me watch scary movies that are giving these crazy and very confusing dreams. My older brother Garrett doesn't seem to answer my question about what's going on and instead acts like he didn't hear anything. Anyway, my name is Luke Lerner and I'm 12. I'm going to be 13 in a few weeks. Also, I probably cheated death by managing to find out about some firework prank and left the Gymnasium to avoid the disaster. I don't know why I am in high school but they claim that Ashley had something to do with it. I'm in my room with Garrett and my older classmate Jade)

Ashley's P.O.V.

(I was in my room with my best-friend Holly and we were having a conversation about Luke)

  • Me: (serious) "If I wanna put him in a mood, how about watch the Babysitter."

(Holly turned around and almost has the appearance of a punk. She likes to wear a toque, a tank top, and sweatpants with holes in the knees. She gives a frown at me)

  • Holly: (frowning) "Ashley, he is like a little child and were 18 or 19. I really don't think it's gonna happen. (then she smiles) Just like paint cans killing people."
  • Me: (groaning) "Enough with the stupid debate. I thought me and Luke ended it last year."
  • Holly: (smirking) "I'm still not convinced. Besides, you're too busy wanting to get to second base with Luke. (however, we hear Mrs. Walker fake coughing and getting our attention) Uh yeah, you guys will score that ball."
  • Me: (facepalms) "Smooth move, popstar."
  • Mrs. Walker: (frowning) "Don't you have a curfew, Holly. (Holly gives a sheepish smile) Ashley, you have to pick up someone for babysitting."
  • Me: (annoyed) "Okay."

(Mrs. Walker just goes away without saying a word. She's our landlord who lives with us but she's a pain in the a**. I start preparing to babysit Luke while Holly also leaves for something)

  • Holly: (smiling) "Good luck, Juliet."

(I flip her off and drive to the Lerner's home)

Luke's P.O.V.

(in my room, Garrett is planning to go somewhere and Jade is not trusted with me because of her crush on me. So Ashley has to babysit me at her fraternity house but I have a weird feeling about her. Never mind, Ashley has arrived. When she arrived, she was happy to see me and my dad was like creepy as ever)

  • Dad: (creepy) "You look breath taking."

(like I told ya, creepy. However, Ashley was too happy to notice the creepy tone)

  • Ashley: (too happy) "Thanks. Where's that little angel? (then she notices me) There you are. Come down here. (I walk down the stairs and get a hug from her) I missed you. Ready for tonight?"

(I didn't know how to answer that)

Ashley's P.O.V.

(there he is, the love of my life. Sure he's 12 and I'm 18 but I still love him. He loves me, he just doesn't know. Anyway, I drove to my fraternity house and I'm finally alone with him but my d**n phone is ringing. D****t, it's my stupid boyfriend Ricky)

  • Me: (fake smiling) "I'll answer this. (I go into the kitchen and talk with Ricky) Hey Ricky, what's up?"
  • Ricky: (smiling) "Hey Ashley, I wanted to go on a date with you but I heard you're babysitting that kid again."

(he doesn't sound too happy about it but I don't care what he thinks)

  • Me: (fake smiling) "I'm sorry but looks like I get to hang out with him. (then I hear him making angry groans, which irritates me) Listen, stop hating the kid. (however, I see a spider and freak out. They just creep me out) LUCAS!"

(Luke comes in but he just picks up the spider and takes it outside)

  • Luke: (smiling) "There you go, little buddy. You're free now."

(I smile at him. He's such a sweetheart and I really, really can't wait to have him. Then Ricky started yelling my name but I hung up on him and decide put a plan in action. Later, I decide to put on a horror movie but a picture is shot by a alcohol cap. I turn my head around to find my sweetheart drinking champagne. He shouldn't be drinking that)

  • Me: (being stern) "Lucas, you are way too young to be drinking. Gimme that."
  • Luke: (confused) "Oh this?"
  • Me: (rolling my eyes) "Yes that, give it to me. (he just jumps over the couch and continues drinking) Lucas stop, what has gotten into you."

(although, I could tell that he just became addicted to it)

  • Luke: (smiling) "One time me and Garrett drank a whole bottle, he puked so bad. He can't hold his liquor like me."
  • Me: (sarcastic) "Wow, I'm super impressed. Okay, now give it to me. (he then continues drinking) Lucas, I am so serious right now. (he then stops drinking and looks confused but I'm still upset with him) GIVE IT! (he flinches and gives it to me) Thank you."

(I walk away from him but stop and realize I was being too harsh. Maybe I should make it up to him)

Luke's P.O.V.

(holy s**t, that was scary. What has gotten into her? All I did was just drink alcohol and then she's starts getting mad. All well, time to pick a movie but first, I put on pajamas and then went downstairs. However, my cellphone went off and it's just Rockelle calling)

  • Me: (bored) "Hello?"
  • Rockelle: (nervous) "Luke, I just wanted to see you."
  • Me: (sighing) "Why can't you leave me alone?"
  • Rockelle: (upset) "Baby, I miss you and I swear I'm gonna change."
  • Me: (irritated) "I told you, we're never getting back together."
  • Rockelle: (angry) "Oh so you would rather be with queen bee Ashley then with me? You are just being a child."
  • Me: (offended) "Okay, now that was just a low blow and I'm hanging up right now."
  • Rockelle: (upset) "No wait, I'm sorry. Please don't hang up."

(too late, I just did. Anyway, the movie I found is The Babysitter. I select it but read the summary of it. It says it's about a young boy who finds out his babysitter is a cult leader. Yeah, like that will ever happen. I put it on and decide to watch it. I'm starting to see Cole as myself and he seems to have a crush on the babysitter. I don't really have a crush on Ashley or any girl. I'm way too young for a girlfriend and I'm still shaken from being mistreated by my ex-girlfriend Jamie. I still can't believe she made lies about me and her sleeping together. However, I'm out of my thoughts when Ashley sits next to me and puts her arm around my shoulder. She smiles at the movie)

  • Ashley: (smiling) "Good choice."

(we watched how Cole plans to spy on his babysitter at midnight. He then sees them playing Truth or Dare and I swear Max is Fred Jones. Oh my gosh, so that's what a lesbian make-out would look like. However, I flinch when the babysitter stabs the guy's head with two knives and Ashley just hugs me in comfort. I also was amazed the kid got a pocket knife. Things even got more exciting when he fires a firework at the goth girl and it blew her up. This is awesome. For once, I thank Jeremy for distracting Max. However after the movie was over and we already saw that mid-credits scene, Ashley decided to ask me something)

  • Ashley: (curious) "Why do you date bad girls? (I then glare at her) I'm sorry, I didn't mean it."
  • Me: (angry) "Then how did you mean it?"
  • Ashley: (nervous) "Well, you did date two girls that treat you like s**t. (she's got a good point, Jamie did treat me like s**t and Rockelle acted like the boss of me) Why can't you find a girl that is kind to you?"

(however, we saw a shadow at the back door. We got to the back door but it's just Garrett. He comes inside and I just glare)

  • Me: (annoyed) "Dude, you scared the s**t out of us."

(Ashley gave me a glare for cussing but I didn't give a f**k right now. Garrett stands up)

  • Garrett: (sheepish) "Sorry guys."

(however, we hear the upstairs window break. (the whole fake entering and breaking thing is skipped to the closet part) Me and Ashley were hiding in the closet. The robber was in my room but I saw the mask)

  • Me: (confused) "Is that Garrett's mask? (then I became annoyed because this was not real) Oh my gosh. (I come out of the closet and glared at the fake robber, who happens to be Holly) Holly, take that mask off."

(she unmasked herself and blushed)

  • Holly: (blushing) "Oh hi Lukas. How're you doing honey? (I gave her a glare) Oh this. Don't worry, Garrett's alive but he was forced into it because Ashley blackmailed him. The truth is Ashley has a crush on you but wanted to scare you into liking her and trusting her. I also got talked into this."

(I stood there in shock and anger. Ashley was supposed to be overprotective but now she's a crazy and mental pedophile. I glared at her)

  • Me: (angry) "You planned this just to have a chance with me? Well, I don't feel the same way. I thought you actually cared about me but you're just sadistic."

(Ashley was looking stunned by my rejection. Then Garrett came in and was sad)

  • Garrett: (sad) "I'm sorry about this man."

(I didn't glare at Garrett since he wanted no part of this)

Ashley's P.O.V.

(I just couldn't believe Luke said that to me. He now hates me for this and wants nothing to do with me. Holly became uncomfortable about this)

  • Holly: (uncomfortable) "Okay, I'll just put this stuff back."
  • Luke: (angry) "No, you stay right f**king there. (he then glares at me) You're fired. I'm calling my parents. I don't want you here no more."

(I was saddened by this as he leaves the room. I decided to talk to him about this. I walk out of the room and go to him)

  • Me: (upset) "Lukas. Lukas. (I then get irritated) LUKAS!"

(he turns around and snaps)

  • Luke: (irritated) "WHAT?!"

(in blind rage, I accidentally slap him with the gun and it causes him to fall down the stairs until he lands on the floor unconscious. I was horrified and so was Holly and Garrett)

  • Holly: (horrified) "What did you do? WHAT THE F**K DID YOU JUST DO?!"

(however, I just calmly put the gun to my cheek and thought of something. So I decided to have no choice but to tie Lukas to a chair and blindfold him, ignoring Holly's attempt to stop me. She needs to lighten up and have fun tonight)

Luke's P.O.V.

(I woke up but my eyes won't open. I do hear them having fun with some gifts and I hear Holly playing on a skateboard but she tripped and landed on me. Thank goodness the chair was comfy furniture and I feel like I love being hugged by Holly. Also, I'm in pajamas so I rather wear those during a situation like this)

  • Holly: (smiling) "Mhm, Luke is so comfy like a pillow. I wish I can keep him as my own. (I blush at that comment. Then she decided to untie the blindfold and I see her smile) Morning Luke. Sorry that you got slapped but I manage to use a ice pack for that wound. (okay, I thank her for that. She still hugs me) I can't help but continue hugging you. You are just so adorable."

(I still blush at her)

  • Me: (blushing) "Okay, thank you. (she gives me a kiss on the cheek and signals me to be quiet. I nod but I find myself tied to the chair) Oh great, I'm a hostage now."
  • Holly: (smiling) "Don't worry, I'll be careful on you."

(I smile at her because she seems to be the one who has morales. I also like her red furry hooded Christmas outfit)

  • Me: (smiling) "I like your outfit."
  • Holly: (giggling) "Thank you."

(however, Ashley starts coming and smirks. Aw man, she just had to ruin the fun. I'm also upset to see her wear a Miss Santa outfit with cape and belt)

  • Ashley: (smirking) "Hey sweetie. Nice of you to wake up. Let's have some fun."
  • Me: (frowning) "Why are you doing this? Let me go."
  • Ashley: (smirking) "Hey, it's gonna be alright. Let's play Truth or Dare. Your turn."
  • Me: (sighing) "Ashley, truth or dare?"
  • Ashley: (interested) "Truth."
  • Me: (smirking) "How'd you kill Holly's guinea pig?"

(Holly looked shocked and they argued. I only know this because Ashley cried about it. However, Ashley starts frowning)

  • Ashley: (frowning) "That was a dirty trick, sweetheart. Truth or Dare?"
  • Me: (shrugging) "Truth."
  • Ashley: (smirking) "Who is your former crush?"
  • Me: (answering) "Jade."
  • Ashley: (giggling) "Your admirer?"
  • Me: (blushing) "I stopped liking her because of a fear that I might hurt her feelings for already knowing about how she loved me. Plus, I'm still shaken by being mistreated by Jamie. I only dumped her because she cared about doing inappropriate stuff with me and lied about sleeping with me."
  • Holly: (feeling bad) "Wow, that's tragic. I wish we could punish Jamie for that."
  • Ashley: (frowning) "Well, we can always get back at her. I never liked that b***h. (we all can't help but nod in agreement to that) Anyway, Holly it's your turn."
  • Holly: (smiling) "Luke, Truth or Dare?"
  • Me: (determined) "Truth."
  • Holly: (smiling) "Which a** cheek has the words 'God's Greatest Angel' on it?"
  • Me: (blushing) "Right cheek."

(she pulls up her skirt to reveal I wasn't lying. Once she's done, Ashley frowns)

  • Ashley: (frowning) "When was this?"
  • Me: (explaining) "Your first day. She was sleeping on the couch like an angel so I pulled down her pants, wrote it on her right butt cheek, and pull them up so I won't get caught."

(Ashley still frowns but then looks at Garrett)

  • Garrett: (tired) "Ashley, Truth or Dare?"
  • Ashley: (smirking) "Dare."
  • Garrett: (tired) "I dare you to touch his kiwis."

(Ashley smirked and she did, much to my displeasure. Ashley then is stunned)

  • Ashley: (stunned) "Wow, you're the size of Danny Phantom."
  • Me: (annoyed) "Danny Phantom didn't even show it because the movie was for kids. (then my stomach growled, making me blush and Ashley giggle) You ordered pizza, right?"

(Holly nods and shows her wallet while Ashley comes with four pizzas on a plate. She tries feeding me)

  • Ashley: (smiling) "It's time for you to eat. (then the doorbell rang, catching our attention) Holly, feed Luke. Garrett, watch them."

(she leaves the kitchen while Holly starts feeding me)

  • Holly: (smiling) "Eat up, little angel."

(I smile and decide to eat the pizza. To be honest, Holly is a much more nicer kidnapper and I would rather have her doing this)

Ashley's P.O.V.

(I go to the front door and check to see who it is. Oh s**t, it's Ricky and he has flowers. Although I admit that's sweet)

  • Me: (shocked) "Ricky?"
  • Ricky: (impatient) "Yeah babe, open the f**k up. (I sigh and let him in) Thanks babe. Holy s**t, is that f**king pizza? (he picks up a slice and starts eating it) Why the f**k is the f**king music so f**king loud?"

(because it blocks any screaming)

Luke's P.O.V.

(when Holly finishes feeding me, she has Garrett go to see what's going on. However, I manage to untie myself and subdue Holly. Before I went to follow Ashley, I pick up a pocket knife. When Holly wakes up, I make her be quiet and she complies. When I see that Ashley is going upstairs, I reluctantly knock Garrett out and go upstairs)

Ashley's P.O.V.

(I make Ricky come upstairs and make him go look for something. However, Luke enters his room after me and picks up a baseball bat. He makes me surrender while he leaves the room to sneak behind Ricky)

Luke's P.O.V.

(I sneak up behind Ricky and wait until he stops to see a broken window)

  • Ricky: (worried) "Woah dude, what the f**k happen? (however, I knock him out. I start cheering and dancing to the song. However, I hear groaning) Dude, what the f**k? (I turn around to see he's awake. I try to knock him out but he grabs the bat and glares at me so I try running from him while he chases me after dropping the bat) Hey, stop. (he grabs and throws me onto the floor) What the f**k have you f**king done with her? (luckily, I find a pencil under the carpet and stab him in the cheek with it. However, he takes it out angrily, picks up the bat, and threatens me) You're f**king dead, you little piece of s**t?"

(I wince in fear but a shotgun's clocking noise is heard and we turn to see Holly holding a shotgun)

  • Holly: (serious) "Hey, drop it. (Ricky starts to surrender) I'm serious, I'll blow your f**king face off. I swear to god."
  • Ricky: (surrendering) "Alright, take it easy. (he drops the bat and gets down on his knees) Chill the f**k out babe. S**t."
  • Holly: (serious) "Good."

(Ashley picks up the bat and gets ready to hit Ricky)

  • Ashley: (smirking) "She lines up the shot. (Holly tries to protest but Ashley already uses the bat as a pool stick and shoots it forward, knocking Ricky out) Isn't this exciting?"
  • Holly: (upset) "No. We're going to jail. We are gonna f**king die in prison."
  • Ashley: (smirking) "No, we're not. (he looks at me) Hey sweetie, are you okay? (she checks for injuries but doesn't find any) However, you're in trouble for escaping the kitchen."

(I sigh and she has Holly take me back to the chair while she deals with Ricky and cleans up the mess. Back in the kitchen, I was put back in the comfortable chair while Ricky was tied to an uncomfortable chair. However, I notice Rockelle here and looking like she doesn't know what's going on. Holly decides to stay and watch me)

  • Holly: (explaining) "I saw her parking outside your house and when she came in, I knocked her out. (Rockelle glares at Holly, who just flips her off. She then smiles at me) So sweetie, I don't want you hurt so stay in your chair, okay? (I nod) Good. But what is she doing here?"
  • Me: (explaining) "During the fake break-in, I found a phone and I accidentally called her. She didn't believe me so I was forced to claim she was invited to visit me. I guess now it was big mistake."
  • Rockelle: (glaring) "I should've known they were holding you hostage."
  • Holly: (annoyed) "Shut up. (she grabs a cleave and ties Bebe's mouth with it. She then smiles at me) Hey, maybe Ashley can choose to let you go. Look, I told you that I'm going to be nice. That means I'm not harm you. Just please stay and follow along."

(I nod then Ashley comes in by the time Ricky wakes up)

  • Ricky: (freaking out) "Dude, what the f**k are they doing?"
  • Me: (sighs) "It's a long story. (I explain everything to him) That's pretty much it."
  • Ricky: (shocked) "That's f**ked up. Me and her are done. (Ashley just flips him off and goes back to shredding the flowers he got for her) Is that why you hit me with a baseball bat?"
  • Me: (nodding) "Yeah. I didn't know you just arrived to see her."

(Holly is bored and wants to probably play with me)

  • Holly: (bored) "Ashley, I'm bored. Can we just play with Luke and move Ricky to another place while we anger Rockelle by making her watch?"
  • Ashley: (annoyed) "As much as I love that, we can't because Ricky might be seen by those stupid carolers and Rockelle will just get free then start killing us. Besides, my stupid ex has a hole in his cheek. Also, if you continue complaining I'm gonna tape your mouth shout. (Holly believes the threat) Anyway, go chill out."

(Holly starts to leave but sees me shaking my head)

  • Holly: (serious) "Don't worry, I'm just gonna chill out. I'll be back, sweetie."

(she kisses my forehead and goes to the living room. Ashley sighs)

  • Me: (nervous) "Ashley, if you let us go then we can say that Ricky fell on a nail, we'll clean the place up, and I go to bed."
  • Ashley: (stern) "Then you call the cops and I get arrested. Nice try, Lucas but I'm not gonna fall for it. (then I sigh) Look, can you just relax? I mean, lighten the f**k up."
  • Me: (negotiating) "Come on. When you accidentally killed Holly's guinea pig, you cried about it and wanted to tell her how much you're sorry."

(she then kneels her head towards me and whispers in my ear)

  • Ashley: (whispering) "It wasn't an accident. (I looked nervous and she stands up to smirk at me) Face it, you're mine."

(I gulp nervously but started being curious)

  • Me: (curious) "Ricky, what are you even doing here? I thought she got mad at you on the phone after she got scared."
  • Ricky: (confused) "She texted me. The text is on my phone."

(however, we connected the dots and glare at her)

  • Me: (glaring) "You texted him. You invited him here and don't want us to be free."
  • Ricky: (agreeing) "Yeah, what the f**k do you want with me?"
  • Ashley: (sighs) "Okay, he was supposed to come here and look like the robber but grease monkey came here too late."
  • Ricky: (annoyed) "I only live a lot of blocks away."

(Ashley rolls her eyes and duct taped his mouth but took out her phone and smirked)

  • Ashley: (smirking) "Now, let's invite our other guest. The d*******g ex."
  • Me: (confused) "Jeremy?"

(Ashley dials the number and waits for Jeremy to pick up)

  • Jeremy (on the phone): (bored) "Hello?"
  • Ashley: (smirking) "Hey Jeremy, Ashley here calling."
  • Jeremy (on the phone): (bored) "Sorry, no Ashley here."

(he hanged up, much to her annoyance)

  • Ashley: (annoyed) "I can't believe I dated this guy. (for once, I agree with her. However, she smirks at me) Hey kiddo, wanna do me a favor?"
  • Me: (frowning) "No. (she aims a gun at Rockelle, who looks scared) Alright fine. (she then dials the number and has me call Jeremy) Hey Jeremy, don't hang up. It's me, Luke Lerner. I'm being babysat by a girl you used to date."
  • Jeremy: (bored) "Is it that blonde tramp that I made out with."

(Rockelle a little bit giggles at hearing this but Ashley glares at her to shut up)

  • Me: (sighs) "Yes. I'm calling you because Ashley has the cramps. (me, Ricky, and Rockelle snicker at that while Ashley just frowns) She wants you to come here and talk with her so you can work things out. If you don't, then Ricky might marry her."
  • Jeremy: (convinced) "Oh s**t, I'm coming over right now."

(then he hangs up. Ashley smirks at me)

  • Ashley: (smirking) "You're really good at acting. Thanks for helping me. (she then leans down and gives a kiss on the cheek, much to my disgust. She then stands up but frowns) However, the cramps joke? Yeah, so mature. (I still snicker at that. She then sees Ricky trying to say something so she allows him to talk) What do you have to say now?"
  • Ricky: (not scared) "I have to use the bathroom."

(she looks confused but then sees him peeing his pants, much to all of our disgust)

  • Ashley: (disgusted) "Oh gross, stop it. (she then puts some gloves on and wipes up the pee) Don't worry Luke. I'll be right back honey."

(she then goes outside to throw it away. Once she is gone, I then use the pocket knife to start cutting the tape. Ricky sees this)

  • Ricky: (serious) "Hurry, she'll be back any moment now."

(I nod and try to hurry up but she comes back so I stop. She then looks confused)

  • Ashley: (confused) "What's going on?"
  • Me: (acting innocent) "Nothing."

(she looks unconvinced but smells something from the living room so she goes to check it out)

Ashley's P.O.V.

(I go into the living room and find out that Holly and Garrett are smoking pot)

  • Me: (upset) "HOLLY, WHAT THE F**K ARE YOU DOING?!"
  • Holly: (bored) "You told me to chill out."
  • Holly: (groan) "Stop bossing me around."
  • Me: (frowning) "Give it to me."
  • Holly: (protesting) "No. This is my weed."

(we a little bit fight over it but I manage to take it and I take her to the kitchen)

Luke's P.O.V.

(I manage to untie my right hand but I stop because Ashley and Holly came back and she's holding a joint. She then points it at Rockelle after removing the cleave)

  • Ashley: (smirking) "Smoke up, joint cop."
  • Rockelle: (shaking her head) "No way, I don't f**k with that s**t. (a gun is then pointed at her face) Okay."

(she then smokes it but coughs and they put the cleave back on her. They then point the joint at Ricky)

  • Ricky: (protesting) "No f**king way, I don't f**k with that s**t."
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