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Best Friends Is An American Horror-Slasher Film Starring Briana Evigan, Michael Copon, Ryan Merriman, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Danielle Panabaker, Margo Harshman, Crystal Lowe, Nico Tortorella, Amber Heard, Sean Faris, Julianna Guill, Alex Pettyfer, Ryan Hansen, Shia LaBeouf, Jean Luc-Bilodeau, Chris Zylka And Rooney Mara.


When a group of friends are taunted by a killer they think that someone wants something from them. Can they stop the killer before its too late?



Briana Evigan as Heather

Michael Copon as Ricky

Ryan Merriman as Chris

Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Claire

Danielle Panabaker as Quinn

Margo Harshman as Maggie

Crystal Lowe as Vicky

Nico Tortorella as Seth

Amber Heard as Casey

Sean Faris as Josh

Julianna Guill as Tonya

Alex Pettyfer as Travis

Ryan Hansen as Andy

Shia LaBeouf as Scott

Jean Luc-Bilodeau as Adam

Chris Zylka as John

Rooney Mara as Jamie


John- Stabbed in head with a machete

Scott- Stabbed in chest with an axe

Jamie- Butchered with a cleaver

Travis- Impaled through head with an axe while having a threesome with Adam and Tonya

Adam- Decapitated with an axe

Tonya- Face beaten 19 times with a naile-studded bat

Seth- Face beaten with a shovel

Vicky- Slammed into wall and stabbed in stomach with a tire iron

Casey- Stabbed in throat with a tire iron

Josh- Hanged (Offscreen)

Quinn- Throat slit with a kitchen knife

Maggie- Stabbed in head with an axe

Chris- Face beaten 10 times with a nail-studded bat by Heather

Claire- Stabbed in chest with a tire iron by Ricky and shot in chest 12 times with a shotgun by Heather