Best Friend 4never 2 New Day New Blood Is a Horror Thriller Mystery Film and Second part of saga best friend best friend 4never  Starring Ashley Greene,Dev Patel,Sara Paxton,Lucas Grabeel.Matthew Morrison,Demi Lovato,Tammin Sursok,Julian Morris,Chase Crawford,Chris Colfer,Ariel Miranda,Taylor Kistch,Alyssa Diaz and Chris Zylka




  • Ashley Greene As Alana Monroe
  • Dev Patel  As Yusef
  • Sara Paxton As Mafer Matthew
  • Lucas Grabeel As Christofer Eagle
  • Matthew Morrison As Mr.Vicent Eagle
  • Demi Lovato As Cecilia
  • Tammin Sursok As Nikki
  • Julian Morris As Bobby
  • Chase Crawford As Albert
  • Chris Colfer As Yoshi
  • Ariel Miranda As Lacey
  • Taylor Kistch As Tommy
  • Alyssa Diaz As Tanya
  • Chris Zylka As Chuck


Tanya-the murderer burned alive when they are having sex

Chuck-the murderer burned alive when they are having sex

Tommy-He is stabbed in the throat several times.

Yoshi-She is Stabbed in the head with axe

Lacey-Stabbed through the chest with pruning shears.

Bobby-He is stabbed in his eyes

cecilia-Stabbed in head

Nikki-stabbed in chest by mr.eagle

Albert-he murderer is until the corn is not noticeable if the killed or managed to escape

Mr.Vicent Eagle-:mafer shoots him in the head to help alana and yusef.

Section heading

  • Alana Monroe
  • Yusef
  • Mafer Matthew
  • Christofer Eagle
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