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Best Frenemies Forever is a 1993 animated family-comedy film directed by Joe Brian. This is the second film directed by Joe Brian. The film was produced by Omnitrans Pictures and Omnitrans Animation Studios, and released by Omnitrans Entertainment Group on April 2, 1993.

The film revolves around a Golden Retriever named Danny, voiced by Matthew Broderick, a tuxedo cat named Scruffy, voiced by Joe Pesci, and their friend-enemy relationship as they compete against each other to get the local pound, the animal shelter organization and dogcatchers defeated.


Danny enjoys life inside a suburban home, until his owner's family brings home a tuxedo cat named Scruffy. Soon, they become rivals, with Scruffy showing off better capabilities than Danny among other things, until their antics get some of Danny's friends caught by dogcatchers and sent to the pound. Begrudgingly, they band up to save Danny's friends, get the pound and animal shelter shut down and defeat the dog catchers.

Voice Cast:

  • Joe Pesci as Scruffy
  • Matthew Broderick as Danny
  • Jerry Stiller as Begrudgingly
  • Jim Cummings as Berger Meister
  • Demi Moore as Mrs. Berger
  • Jason Marsden as Digger Donkey
  • Rob Paulsen as White Bear


  • The animated is produced by Kurtz & Friends and Kroyer Films.