Bernie's Home Planet

Bernie's Home Planet is a 1997 traditional-animated short films produced by Beauty and the Beast Animation Studios. It was released in theaters on March 28, 1997 with Captain Flamingo.


In the cartoon, Ollie is hooked on a Mortal Kombat-style video game based on Goldilocks and the Three Bears when Cleo comes home to find that Ollie forgot their anniversary. Rattled and in a hurry, Ollie comes up with a last-minute idea to take her to a miniature golf course. Showing her a newspaper, Cleo misinterprets and thinks Ollie is taking her to Hawaii, a trip that would cost $999.99, one penny short of $1000. An excited Cleo skips out the door before Ollie can set her straight, causing Ollie to worry about how to earn so much money. Bernie shows his master the "help wanted" ads, and Ollie finds an ad for work with a Duncan (an inside joke reference to Shires animators Fred Thompson and Oliver Jones) for a day of "mindless work" that would instantly give him $999.99.

Ollie goes to the home of the Duncan (voiced by Wallace Shawn). When he knocks the door, Ollie gets sucked downward through a trap door into Duncan's laboratory, where Duncan plans to switch Ollie's brain and soul with that of his monster, Fuzzy. Although Duncan is killed in the experiment, the brain transfer is a success, with Ollie's mind ending up in Fuzzy's giant body and Julius finding himself in control of Ollie's body.

The dimwitted and insane Fuzzy finds Ollie'ss wallet in his pocket and, finding a photo of Cleo, is instantly smitten with her. He escapes the laboratory on a hunt for Cleo, whom he finds shopping for a bathing suit. When the real Ollie (in Fuzzy's body) shows up to save his girlfriend, Cleo screams for help and runs until Ollie convinces her of who he is. Julius continues to pursue Cleo, leading to a battle between the two of them ("Go get him, Ollie!" cheers Cleo, "Rip his ears off!").

During the course of their battle, Fuzzy and Ollie fall onto electric wires, which cause their minds and souls to transfer back to their correct bodies. Although Fuzzy is more of a threat than ever now that he is again in control of his own monstrous body, Mickey manages to subdue him and save Cleo. The closing scene of the film finds Ollie and Cleo on their way to Hawaii, with Fuzzy providing the horsepower for their inner tube.

Voice Cast:

  • Jason Alexander as Ollie
  • Wayne Knight as Bernie
  • Molly Ringwald as Cleo
  • Frank Welker as Fuzzy
  • Wallace Shawn as Duncan
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