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Berdinand 2 is an American-Canadian 2023 Computer Animated Film.

Voice Cast:

  • Gerard Butler as Berdinand, A Cream-Colored Antelope.
  • Jennifer Hale as Lüne, A Female Zebra. She has Orange Stripes instead of Black. She becomes in love with Berdinand as the film progresses.
  • Antonio Banderas as Valient, A Brown Antelope who is the Antagonist until Berdinand saves his life.
  • Nicolas Cage as Brom, A Skinny Golden Colored Antelope.
  • Emily Blunt as Kwato, A Black Antelope. The Only Female Antelope On The Team.
  • Dave Foley as Arvie, A Orange Colored Dutch Antelope.
  • Katie Griffin as Une, A Female French Pink Porcupine who runs The Team Trois Hèressins (Former Quatre) with her brothers, Deux and Quatre.
  • Brian Froud as Deux, A Male Purple Porcupine.
  • Derek Stephen Prince as Quatre, A Male Blue Porcupine.
  • Robert Tinkler as Khan, a Grey and White Horse who speaks in a British accent.
  • Shannon Hamilton as Gaby, a White and Red Horse who is closely linked to Khan.
  • Tyler Muree as Moss, a Brown and Green Horse.
  • Julie Nathanson as Berdinand’s Mom
  • Devan Mack as Berdinand’s Dad
  • Andrea Baker as Pica, Berdinand’s Sister.
  • Stacey DePass as Lüne’s Mom
  • Dwayne Hill as Valient’s Dad
  • Frank Welker as Meerkat