Bentley's Car is a 2021 American Comedy Action Drama film written by Matthew Vaughn and Jane Goldman and directed by Matthew Vaughn starring Daniel Hasan, Callan McAuliffe, Chris Hemsworth, Viva Bianca, Austin Butler, Craig Robinson, Channing Tatum, Jessica Lange, Sally Field, Aaron Johnson, Kendall Jenner, Luke Benward, Stella Hudgens, Garret Backstrom, Devon Gearhart, Gabby Soleil and featuring Brad Pitt.


Two boys Jack Simons (Daniel Hasan) and Rhys Brockett (Callan McAuliffe) steal Jack's older brother Bentley's 2009 Mercedes CL550 for their senior prom after snagging their high school crushes as dates.

Along the way they drag along rich unpopular boy Barry Mudelbark (Luke Benward) for his money and assistance and end up having a night not soon to be forgotten.


  • Daniel Hasan as Jack Simons
  • Callan McAuliffe as Rhys Brockett
  • Chris Hemsworth as Bentley Simons
  • Viva Bianca as Cherry Brenner/ Bentley's fiance
  • Austin Butler as Toni Brockett
  • Craig Robinson as Simons Neighbour Danny Harven
  • Channing Tatum as Drug Dealer Tolcan Falco
  • Jessica Lange as Mother Kendra Simons
  • Sally Field as Mother Sara Brockett
  • Aaron Johnson as Chester Brockett
  • Kendall Jenner as Kelli Sandros/ Jack's date
  • Luke Benward as Barry Mudelbark
  • Stella Hudgens as Fiona Owens/ Barry's date
  • Garret Backstrom as Bully Shaun Dome
  • Devon Gearhart as Bully Ivan Birham
  • Gabby Soleil as Aleisha Broom/ Rhys' date
  • Brad Pitt as Johnson Johnson
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