Benny and Bennie is an action, spy, adventure film


Benny Crybalder (Chris Pratt) and Victoria "Bennie" Benedict (Dove Cameron) are spies on a space mission to the central planet of a universe known as Biberaan, because on the central planet lives a chaotic evil and power hungry menace so they need the help of General Atide (Chris Evans) and Semablue (Shakira) but their commander (Steve Buscemi) and his teenage daughter (Zendaya) are in peril.


Chris Pratt as Benny Crybalder: the main protagonist and a spy on a space mission

Dove Cameron as Victoria "Bennie" Benedict: a more intelligent spy and Benny's partner

Chris Evans as General Atide (voice): the general of the soldiers of the central planet of Biberaan

Shakira as Semablue: General Atide's Second-in-command

Steve Buscemi as Commander Julien Tovia: Benny and Bennie's commander

Zendaya as Rebecca Tovia: Julien's Daughter and the future commander of Benny and Bennie

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