Beneath the Cabin is a supernatural-horror-thriller-slasher film starring Katie Cassidy, Danielle Harris, Chelan Simmons, Crystal Lowe, Odette Annabelle, Sara Paxton, Erica Leerhsen, Jessica Stroup, Sophia Bush, Amber Tamblyn And Robert Englund.


10 teenagers are taking a vacation in the woods, but a killer wants them all dead.


The film begins with 10 Teenagers in their car and stop in the woods and get out. They get to their cabin and Unpack their stuff while a mysterious shadow watches. That night, Mary (Sara Paxton) is in the shower, she stops and gets out to get dressed. She goes to the bedroom and hears a noise, she is then attacked by Chuck (Robert Englund) who slashes her across her arm. She gets up and runs, but Chuck decapitates her before she can open the door.

Meanwhile, the 9 teens Rebecca (Katie Cassidy), Chrissy (Danielle Harris), Sadie (Chelan Simmons), Stephanie (Crystal Lowe), Molly (Odette Anabelle), Vicky (Erica Leerhsen), Jenna (Jessica Stroup), Carly (Sophia Bush) and Danielle (Amber Tamblyn) decide to play Scrabble to spend the time. Sadie tells Rebecca where Mary is and Rebecca tells Molly to go get her. In her room, Molly is looking everywhere until she sees the closet mysteriously closed. She opens it and Chuck leaps out and grabs her. She screams for help as she is impaled thru the mouth with an axe. Rebecca hears Molly screaming and she goes to look, Chuck leaps out and grabs her, Chrissy saves her and they run. Chuck grabs Danielle and Rebecca grabs her leg, but Chuck pulls her leg out and Danielle is dragged into the room. There, Chuck throws Danielle around the room and snaps her neck, killing her.

Rebecca tells everyone to hide in the cellar and they do, Jenna begins screaming and crying as Stephanie tries to comfort her. Chuck enters the cellar and attacks the group. Everyone is safe, except for Jenna, who is slashed in the torso by Chuck and dragged away. Rebecca and the group go after her while Chuck explains to her that his father and his brothers used to live here, but they were killed. Chuck then possesses Jenna with his father,s ghost and she attacks the group. Rebecca hits Jenna on the head with a glass bottle and she grabs a kitchen knife and hides behind the door. Jenna comes by looking for her and Rebecca stabs her in the chest 3 times, which leads to Jenna,s death.

Chuck sees this and sends the ghosts of his brothers to attack them. Carly runs but the Ghosts leap onto her and attack her. Rebecca cries and the ghosts come after her, but they are defeated by Chrissy and Sadie. Rebecca tells everyone to run and Chuck grabs Vicky and drags her outside. Rebecca chases her but Chuck is too fast and Vicky is dragged into the woods. Stephanie, Chrissy, Sadie and Her go and arm themselves with umbrellas. Chuck comes in and they hit him with the umbrellas and Stephanie hits him on the head. Stephanie is pushed to the ground and Chuck strikes a hatchet at her head. Rebecca runs while Chrissy beats Chuck up with her umbrella and she hides under the bed. Someone comes by and, thinking it,s Chuck, she decapitates the person with a machete, only to find out she decapitated Chrissy.

Sadie comes by and pulls her out of the bed and Chuck comes in the bedroom. Sadie attacks him, distracting him long enough for Rebecca to grab his hatchet and throw it in his back. Chuck pushes Sadie and Rebecca and she kicks him and runs, she grabs the machete she used to kill Chrissy and stabs him in the chest 9 times. Sadie comes up with a shotgun and Chuck turns around as she shoots him in the chest, killing him at last. Rebecca and Sadie cheer and climb out the window and get in the car and drive away.


Katie Cassidy as Rebecca

Danielle Harris as Chrissy

Chelan Simmons as Sadie

Crystal Lowe as Stephanie

Odette Annabelle as Molly

Sara Paxton as Mary

Erica Leerhsen as Vicky

Jessica Stroup as Jenna

Sophia Bush as Carly

Amber Tamblyn as Danielle

Robert Englund as Chuck Roberts


Mary- Slashed across arm and decapitated

Molly- Impaled through mouth with axe

Danielle- Thrown around room and neck snapped

Jenna- Torso slashed, possessed by a ghost and stabbed in chest 3 times with kitchen knife

Carly- Attacked by ghosts

Vicky?- Dragged away into the woods

Stephanie- Hatchet striked at head

Chrissy- Decapitated with a machete by Rebecca

Chuck Roberts- Hatchet thrown at back by Rebecca, stabbed in chest 9 times with a machete by Rebecca and shot in chest with a shotgun by Sadie




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