Beneath A Tomb of Cold Stone is the debut album from the doom metal supergroup One of Beauty's Daughters, released on August 1st 2010. The album sees a collaborative effort in writing and composition from Michael Tägtgren (Yggdrasill Burning), Joel Davidson (Black Widow), Hamish Glencroy (Winter's Soil), and Karl Leppälä (Yggdrasill Burning).


In January 2nd 2010, not long after the band was unveiled to the public, Michael Tägtgren told sources that OoBD would be recording an album in 2010. Recording took place between March-July 2010, and was completed by the end of the month.


So far reviews have universally praised the album, calling it "a truly collaborative and brilliant effort".

Track listing

  • All tracks written by M. Tägtgren, J. Davidson, H. Glencroy, and K. Leppäla
  1. "The Undying Shackles" - 10:00
  2. "Sun of Black Desire" - 9:00
  3. "Nothing Left To Save" - 6:00
  4. "Everything Lost" - 8:45
  5. "Beneath A Tomb of Cold Stone" - 11:30
  6. "Requiem Dark" - 7:40
  7. "She Is Death" - 9:44
  8. "A Last Breath Macabre" - 12:03
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