Bending The Yield is a 2014 American Psychological Slasher Horror film written by David S. Goyer and directed by Neill Blomkamp starring Hayden Christensen, Georgie Henley, Aaron Tveit, Miles Teller, Taylor Momsen, Ben Platt, Juliette Goglia and Kendall Jenner.

The film is slated for international theatrical release on January 14th, 2014.

The film's primary killing antagonists are inspired by real life American serial killers such as Vaughn Greenwood who drank the blood of his victims and the Virginian Briley Brothers who went on a murderous rampage following the killing of an elderley neighbour.


Michael Hartley (Aaron Tveit) is an 18 year old high school student who has been declined a ride into NYU's majoring film class as a fellow student has stolen his idea and accused him of plagiarism.

Michael in a last ditch effort determines to submit for the end of senior year film festival a constructed horror film he has invented over night which chronicles a fictional tale based on a trio of serial killer brothers, their two sisters, father and mother.

Michael coerces his group of 17 year old under-clasmen friends led by Josh Baker (Hayden Christensen) and 18 year old stay down funny guy Daniel Hampton (Ben Platt) into helping with his film.

Michael takes to a road trip with the friends to the abandoned town of Yield, Virginia to film his tentatively titled Bending The Yield.

Josh's girlfriend Laura Bater (Georgie Henley) is the set lead actress in Michael's project whilst her bestfriend Heather Boon (Taylor Momsen) is a victim supporting actress, friend Nathan Baston (Miles Teller) is the assistant director, Hayley Thomas (Juliette Goglia) is a make-up designer and Emma Steelson (Kendall Jenner) is a beginning victim actress.

As the group roll into the beautiful but desolate town of Yield they find it not to be so abandoned and upon shooting come across an injured survivour of the family Michael's last effort film project is based off.

As the group attempt to get the victim out Michael's van comes to break down and the group are divided: Emma, Hayley and Nathan to remain and watch over the bleeding profusely victim and Michael, Daniel, Josh, Laura and Heather to head off to find the nearest place of help.

They soon happen upon the Rolston family who promise help as the group announces they have a bleeding man who had stumbled over them whilst they were shooting a film over past the woods near the abandoned highway.

The time then comes to night and it begins to shower down with rain forcing the group to join the family inside.

Laura and Josh become suspicious of the family and remembering the victim that came to them's mutterings slip out to check.

Laura is stopped and asked to return to have some tea and cake they've prepared not noticing Josh heading out the doorway slowly.

Josh gets out and comes to a barn shed and finds cages and a shrine as well as an assortment of belongings which he marvels over and discovers they don't belong to the family.

He finds a wallet belonging the male victim who Emma, Hayley and Nathan are watching over in Michael's broken down van.

The family meanwhile inside continue their pleasantries but still spike the suspicions of Laura who prompts the others with glances and nods not to try the given cake or tea on the dining room table.

Michael begins to look over photos on the walls and finds one that matches to an internet printed picture of the family he got the inspiration for his film from.

Josh outside comes to another large shed and upon opening it comes to a blood satched smashed up car which contains the rotted cut up body of a male passenger. Daniel inside missing Laura's signal gestures to not take in the tea or cake does so and after nothing happens Heather proceeds to as well and Michael and Laura are asked by the father what their is film is about and states they have contacted the authorities and paremedics and they are on their way to the old highway,

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