Ben 10: Multiverse is a video game based on the live action Ben 10 film remakes. It has a sequel called Ben 10: Cosmic Dimensions.


  • Ben Tennyson: A 12-year-old boy who wields a device called the Omnitrix but when it's taken away, he gets a new one and it's upgraded. The new Omnitrix's black color is now green and the white things on it are now green. Also his t-shirt is now the Omniverse shirt but without the number 10. Powers and Strength: With the Omnitrix, he can turn into any alien, has gained intelligence due to now focusing in school, has gotten older girls to be attracted to him, is good at fighting in human form, easily distracts his enemies with putting up a joking attitude, has a sharp memory of anything useful, and is now immune to Lucy's pranks and Hex's magic, the latter being due to unlocking his Half-Anodite form. Weakness: He can't fight without the Omnitrix, his habit of slamming the Omnitrix turns him into the wrong alien, any sickness he suffers from affects his alien forms as well, doesn't have any Anodite powers, vulnerable to said powers, lets others criticize him for his recklessness, and is terrified of Ghostfreak for always getting taken control of by him. He is also voiced by Tara Strong.
  • Gwen Tennyson: Ben's 17-year-old Anodite cousin. Powers and Strength: She can do magic and has Anodite powers, due to her heritage. Weakness: She doesn't trust Charmcaster and acts as the brains of the team, which irritates Ben. She is voiced by Ashley Johnson.
  • Kevin Levin: A 18-year-old street kid who later befriended the Tennysons and joins them. He is much more sympathetic and tragic than his younger villainous self. Powers and Strength: He has the ability to absorb energy or sometimes turn into the thing that he absorbs. Weaknesses: He goes insane when turning into an alien form due to too much energy, his metal and rock forms are vulnerable to said materials' weaknesses, and his obsession with his car causes him to also get mad at his allies for wrecking it. He is voiced by Greg Cipes.
  • Max Tennyson: Ben and Gwen's grandfather who might be old but can still fight. He loses his right arm to Vilgax instead of the future. Powers and Strength: Can still fight in his old age, has experience with handling aliens, and his prosthetic arm gives him strength. Weakness: He doesn't usually trust others. He is voiced by Paul Eiding.
  • Rook Branko: A new member of the Plumbers and an ally. Weakness: Due to being a graduate, he becomes too serious and is too trusting of even enemies, which irritates Ben.
  • Kai Green: Ben's girlfriend but was his first ex. She doesn't blame him for leaving her and feels guilty for causing it. Powers and Strength: Swordsmanship, which Ben acknowledges her for. Weakness: She treats Blitzwolfer like a pet, which irritates Ben that it's the reason they broke up and it leaves him unable to work with her.
  • Julie Yamamoto: Ben's second ex-girlfriend. She is disliked by Albedo and the girls for breaking Ben's heart just because he left her with a clone of himself in order to go see a Sumo Slammers movie, which Ben still feels guilty for. Powers and Strength: With the help of Ship, she can battle in Galvanic Mechamorph armor. Weakness: She sometimes is focused on her phone instead of fighting on missions and doesn't trust Ben due to their breakup, which saddens him and angers the other girls who still care about him.
  • Elena Validus: Ben's third ex-girlfriend and an ally. She is the only protagonist to die. Powers and Strength: Controls micro chips but no longer has those due to them corrupting her. Weakness: When having her powers, she was unstable and dangerous to Ben and almost killed him, which is the reason why they couldn't have a relationship and that she stays away from him out of fear that it might happen again.
  • Ester: Ben's fourth ex-girlfriend and is still friends with him.
  • Charmcaster: A magician who helps the group but has a crush on Ben, which Ben is aware of and was happy about it. Powers and Strength: She can do magic and her love for Ben inspires her to be useful, which Ben seems to be happy about. Weakness: She is usually not trusted by some of the others because of her past actions and is unable to save Ben with her magic, due to his immunity to it.
  • Lucy Tennyson: A sludge puppy and is the cousin of Ben. They have the closest relationship due to him being the only one not minding her pranks due to his immunity to them and her being the only one always going easy on him when he makes mistakes and is impressed by his immunity to her pranks. She also gets irritated when the others scold Ben for recklessness and stood up for him when Julie explained the reason for the break up. The reason she is not kicked off for her pranks is because she still gets her job done and is a voice of reason. Powers and Strength: Shapeshifts into anyone and is able to prank others with it, much to Ben's amusement. Weakness: Her love for jokes and pranks usually irritates her allies (except Ben) and enemies (mostly her uncle and aunt) while she is unable to fool Ben, due to the reason for why he doesn't mind her pranks.
  • Rex Salazar: Another heroic kid and he is made out of nanites.
  • Zak Saturday: Another heroic kid and he has cryptic powers.


  • Vilgax: An intergalactic warlord who wants to rule the world by wielding the Omnitrix. He is voiced by Steven Blum.
  • Psyphon: Vilgax's servant.
  • Albedo: Ben's older twin brother who was neglected by their family and rejected by them, causing him to turn evil. He wears a red jacket, blue jeans, and black/white sneakers. He also has a red version of the Alien Force watch and it's called the Ultimatrix. However, he does still care about Ben and also shares the obsession of Chili Fries. Powers and Strength: The same powers as Ben but also has Ultimate Aliens. Weaknesses: He doesn't use his Ultimate Alien forms due to the Ultimatrix using them to bring fear into enemies, he also has a strong fear of Gwen due to her resemblance to Sunny (which saddens Gwen), and he too has a fear of Ghostfreak. In his teenage form, he is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal but in true form, he is voiced by Tara Strong.
  • Michael Morningstar/Darkstar: A magical young man who is corrupted by his own powers and is jealous over Ben's hero life. He is Charmcaster's lousy and unfaithful ex-boyfriend who has a crush on Gwen, much to her disgust. Weakness: Despite acting like a ladies man, his attitude gets him disliked by every female he meets, including the female villains. He is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal.
  • Sunny: Ben and Albedo's older Anodite abusive cousin who is the reason why Albedo is the villain he is today and is also the older sister of Gwen. She is disliked by them for abusing Albedo and making him the villain that he is. Powers and Strength: She has the same powers as Gwen. Weakness: Without her powers, she is unable to walk and is terrified of her grandma, who disapproves of the girl's snobbish and abusive attitude.
  • Sevenseven: Sixsix's older brother who to avenge him.
  • Kraab: A cybernetically enhanced bounty hunter.
  • Vreedle Brothers: Two dim-witted twin brothers who are bounty hunters but they do bad stuff and have been on bad terms with Ben.
  • Zs'skayr: Ben's former alien who escaped the Omnitrix and is a much more dangerous enemy. Ben and Albedo have a fear of him because whenever they turned into him, he takes over and brutally hurts their enemies. Powers and Strength: Just what his nickname says, he has the powers of a ghost and when an Omnitrix wielder turns into him, he takes control of them and makes them do violent stuff. Weakness: He is killed by light, which is his deadly fear.
  • Driscoll: The Secondary Antagonist of the game and the Platinum leader and king of the Forever Knights. He is also Kevin's abusive step-father and Rojo's father. Despite his hatred of aliens, he serves Vilgax. He is voiced by Mark Hamill.
  • Enoch: The Gold leader of the Forever Knights and Driscoll's rival. He is voiced by Corey Burton.
  • Chadwick: The Silver leader of the Forever Knights and an ape-like alien. He is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.
  • Rojo: The Bronze leader of the Forever Knights, Kevin's step-sister, and Driscoll's daughter with a grudge against Ben. However, their interaction is usually love/hate due to them jokingly flirting with each other. She is voiced by Jennifer Hale.
  • Hex: Charmcaster's abusive uncle. He is voiced by Keith David.
  • Vulkanus: A Detrovite criminal who is obsessed with with selling off profit through criminal means. Voiced by John DiMaggio.
  • Megawatts: Little tricksters made out of electricity. Kevin dislikes them because they mess with his car but Lucy loves them because they are excellent pranksters and they like her in return. Powers and Strength: Since they are made out of electricity, they can go into any electronics and take control of them.
  • Zombozo: A sociopathic clown that feeds off of people's happiness and makes them afraid of him. Him and Ben have the most hated rivalry because Ben is not scared of him. Powers and Strength: Can make anyone scared of him and feeds off their energy. Weakness: Can't scare Ben due to the latter no longer fearing him and also fears Ghostfreak. He is voiced by John DiMaggio.
  • Sixsix: A genetically mutated bounty hunter.
  • Road Crew: Three Highway Bandits. When they are defeated, there is no aftermath cutscene since they were minor villains and not really threat. Baron Highway is voiced by John DiMaggio, Turbine is voiced by Jennifer Hale, and Road Rage is voiced by Dave Wittenberg
  • Kraken: A giant sea monster who is looking for her stolen eggs.
  • Dr. Animo: A cruel and sinister scientist who turns animals into monsters. He is voiced by Dwight Schultz.
  • Giant Drone: One of Vilgax's drones

Omnitrix Aliens

    1. 1: Heatblast: The first alien that Ben ever turned into. He looks like his original self but has a green Omnitrix symbol on his chest. He is voiced by Steven Blum.
    2. 2: Wildmutt: An orange dog-like alien with no eyes but can only see through his gills and cannot talk. The green Omnitrix symbol is back on his left shoulder but the black part of it is now green. He is unlocked and returned when the team's alien dog licks Ben and ends up touching t2he watch.
    3. 3: Diamondhead: A diamond like alien. He looks like his 30-year-old self but his white pants are now green and the symbol is green. He is unlocked when one of Tetrax's diamonds scratch it after they were thrown by an enemy. He is voiced by Jim Ward, who also voices Tetrax.
    4. 4: Four-Arms: A red alien with four-arms, hence the name. His shirt is now black with a green triangle and the green Omnitrix symbol is on his left pectoral. He is unlocked when Manny saves Ben from a muscular villain by grabbing the left wrist, unknowingly touching the watch.
    5. 5: Ripjaws: A fish-like alien that useful underwater but is can't breathe in burning areas. He looks like his old self but instead has the green symbol on his belt. He is unlocked when Magister Patelliday saves him from drowning. He is voiced by Fred Tatasciroe.
    6. 6: Stinkfly: A bug-like alien with wings and four eyes that shoot some sticky substance but is also known for having bad odor, which is used as a weakness to him and it also irritates those who can smell him. He looks just like his 30-year-old self but the white parts are replaced with green. He is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.
    7. 7: Upgrade: A green Galvanic Mechamorph that can control machines. He looks like the one from Ultimate Alien. He is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal so no one can recognize his voice.
    8. 8: XLR8: A humanoid Velociraptor DNA who is super fast. He looks like the Omniverse version. He is voiced by Jim Ward.
    9. 9: Grey Matter - A Galvan DNA who might be small but has a big brain. He is voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz.
    10. 10: Cannonbolt - A yellow Arburian Pelarota who can turn into a rolling ball. He is unlocked when a prisoner of the same species saves Ben from Vilgax but sacrifices himself. He looks the Original Series version but has the green symbol on his chest. He is voiced by David Kaye.
    11. 11: Ditto
    12. 12: Upchuck
    13. 14: Blitzwolfer
    14. 15: Snare-Oh
    15. 16: Frankenstrike
    16. 17: Buzzshock
    17. 18: Wildvine
    18. 19: Articguana
    19. 20: Way Big
    20. 21: Spider-Boy (new alien)
    21. 22: Bulk (new alien)
    22. 23: Dragonfly (new alien)


(when Ben is recruiting people, he is stopped by Max)

  • Max: (serious) "Ben, you can't, it's too dangerous."
  • Ben: (laughing) "Grandpa Max doesn't have a goatee."
  • Max (female voice): (also laughing) "Syke."

(she then turns into her human form and is revealed to be Lucy)

  • Ben: (happy) "Lucy, good to see you."
  • Lucy: (also happy) "Aw, thanks Ben."

(they give a family hug to each other but everyone is annoyed to see her because of her pranks. Later when Ben encounters Rojo, he is injured by her and glares at her when she smirks)

  • Ben: (glaring) "I hate you."
  • Rojo: (smirking) "Love you too, kid."

(she mockingly blows him a kiss and Ben looked disgusted at this but still prepares to fight her. Later after he defeats her, he removes her armor and ties her to a pole with her bike lock. However, he grabs her bike and she becomes angry)

  • Rojo: (angry) "You touch my bike and I'm gonna kick your a**, kid. (he ignores her and trashes the bike, enraging her) You little brat, you're gonna pay for this. I hate you."
  • Ben: (smiling) "Aw, love you too."

(Ben he innocently kisses her cheek and turns into XLR8 to speed away as she blushes in anger and embarrassment)

  • Rojo: (angry) "I'm not joking, I will get him for this. As soon as I get free."

(however, authorities show up and she just groans in sadness at being beaten by a kid but notices a note and sighs when it said "Dear Rojo, don't drop the soap, love Ben. P.S., you're cute when you're angry." Rojo sighs in defeat as the police move to arrest her. Later when Ben confronts Enoch, he recognizes him)

  • Ben: (smirking) "Enoch, long time, no see."
  • Enoch: (annoyed) "Ben 10, always coming to the rescue but no more. (he then puts his golden helmet on and takes out his sword) When I'm done with you, your planet will burn."

(they then fight. Later when he defeats Enoch, the villain scowls but then platform they're on is breaking. Ben jumps on the ship while Enoch falls into the clouds below as Ben looks on)

  • Ben: (sighs) "Looks like he's gone but is not defeated yet."

(the ship then flies away. Later when Ben encounters Sevenseven, Gorvan was shocked)

  • Gorvan: (shocked) "Sevenseven?"
  • Ben: (curious) "You know him and as in Sixsix?"
  • Gorvan: (nodding) "Yes I do and he is Sixsix's older brother."
  • Ben: (shocked) "I didn't even know that guy had any siblings."
  • Sevenseven (alien language): (scowling) 'Benjamin Tennyson, I'm here to avenge my brother. You two defeated him last time and it's time to settle the score.'
  • Ben: (glaring) "Bring it on, Jango Fett."

(he activates his Omnitrix. Later after Sevenseven is defeated, he still tries to fight them but Gorvan uses one of the hunter's spikes and stabs the jetpack with it. Sevenseven notices this and for once gets afraid)

  • Sevenseven (alien language): (afraid) 'Oh no.'

(the jetpack shoots him in the air and he explodes like a fire work. Ben and Gorvan enjoy the fireworks but only to witness their enemy's mask fall towards the floor and to inform them of his final defeat. Ben does look remorseful over it but Gorvan calms him down and they both leave. Later when Ben encounters Sunny, he scowls at her)

  • Ben: (scowling) "You."
  • Sunny: (snobbish) "Well, well, if it isn't the freak."
  • Ben: (scowling) "You're gonna pay for what you did to your cousin."
  • Sunny: (laughing) "I like to see you try and make me pay."

(they then prepare to fight. Later after Sunny is defeated, she loses her powers and gets mad)

  • Sunny: (angry) "It's unfair. No, no, no, no, no, no."
  • Ben: (annoyed) "Act your age."
  • Sunny: (enraged) "SHUT UP, I HATE YOU."
  • Ben: (shrugging) "Hate you too."

(then Verona arrives and restrains Sunny)

  • Verona: (stern) "Sunny, you're grounded. When we get home, you will be put under house arrest. You are unworthy of these powers. I also heard your confession. How could you harm your own family?"
  • Sunny: (bratty) "But mom, he's a freak."
  • Verona: (annoyed) "You're so like your mother. Your father has left your mother and now, you and her are kicked out of the family. Let's move it."

(Sunny is then taken away but does give a glare of hatred towards Ben, who innocently waves. Later when Ben encounters Michael, he is shocked)

  • Ben: (shocked) "Michael?"
  • Michael: (smirking) "Well, well, if it isn't Benjamin Kirby Tennyson. Sorry about the welcome party but that's what happens when you bring Charmcaster along."
  • Ben: (frowning) "She's told me about you."
  • Michael: (smirking) "I bet she did. You know, that cousin of yours looked pretty hot as light. Now that's a power I want."
  • Ben: (scowling) "Don't you dare go near her."
  • Michael: (smirking) "Or what? Some little baby's gonna stop me? Face it brat, I'm gonna make you retire and I bet your cousin will give me all the power that she would make a good bride to me."

(he then attacks. Later after Michael is defeated, he becomes terrified when he loses his powers and Charmcaster confronts him)

  • Charmcaster: (smirking) "Well, well, if it isn't old Mikey."
  • Michael: (nervous) "Hey, Heather babe, I was just looking for you."
  • Charmcaster: (enraged) "MY! NAME! IS! HOPE!!!!"
  • Ben: (annoyed) "She's your ex and you don't know her own name? No wonder she dumped you."

(Michael glares at him but Charmcaster takes out her book and Michael notices)

  • Michael: (terrified) "Come on babe, have mercy. (however, she ignores him and starts trapping him in her book but he still glares at a smug looking Ben) I'll get you for this, Tennyson!"

(he then gets trapped in the book but Charmcaster decides to make him a totem and she smirks at it)

  • Charmcaster: (smirking) "Now look who's a little brat now."

(she puts the totem in her bag. Later when Ben encounters Albedo, he seems impressed)

  • Ben: (smiling) "Nice look on you."
  • Albedo: (annoyed) "Is it my fault that I'm stuck here with you? (then he smirks) Oh wait, it's probably yours. There's only room for one alien watch here and yes, that would be mine. (he then prepares his watch, the Ultimatrix) Say goodbye Ben Tennyson."
  • Ben: (confused) "Do I know you?"
  • Albedo: (introduction) "I'm Albedo and this is the Ultimatrix. I'm your counterpart here to defeat you so my watch can be removed."
  • Ben: (serious) "I can help you."
  • Albedo: (glaring) "It's too late for that."

(Albedo then prepares his watch for battle as it activates. Later after Albedo is defeated, he is upset)

  • Albedo: (upset) "Why can't I just win and get this device removed?"
  • Ben: (shrugs) "It could be worst."
  • Albedo: (annoyed) "How could it possibly get any worse? (then he went eye wide when he said that) Oh no, please don't tell me I said that. (the Ultimatrix beeps again) Uh oh. (then another red flash appears and the heroes were shocked to see that he is 13 years old and almost looks like Ben but still has the white hair and red eyes. However, his shirt replaces the green with red. He looks at his true form and is upset) Oh man."
  • Ben: (shocked) "Albedo?"
  • Gwen: (also shocked) "Little cousin?"
  • Charmcaster: (teasing) "Aw, isn't he so cute?"

(Albedo hugs his legs in embarrassment as the others laugh at this but Ben pats him on the back in sympathy. However, they calmed down and took him to their ship. Due to him being a kid now, they went easy on him and gave him a room)

  • Charmcaster: (stern) "Stay there and behave, got it."

(he nods in fear and she politely pets his hair before leaving and they talk about him)

  • Gwen: (smiling) "Let's keep him. Maybe there's a chance that he can be a good guy because his aliens look unstable."
  • Max: (agreeing) "Indeed, he did look hesitant to hurt me."

(Ben agrees and knows what made Albedo this way)


  • The reason Ben doesn't fear Zombozo is because he got over his fear of clowns but pretends to not have had them in the first place, only his grandpa Max knows this secret fear. However, the others know this too but don't judge him because they are also freaked out by Zombozo.
  • The reason Ben no longer has a crush on Drew Saturday is because she is the mother of Zak Saturday and the said hero would kill him for crushing on her.
  • The reason Gwen still treats Ben like his old self is because her mother dislikes him and only cares about the family's image.
  • The reason Ben doesn't want to use Grey Matter to steal from a vending machine is because of him turning back to normal while still in there and Gwen left him in there.
  • The reason Ben acted immature in the first place is because of his abusive and neglectful aunt.

T.V. Tropes

  • Abusive Parents: Albedo suffered this from their former boss Vilgax and is the reason they fight him, Gwen's mother cares only about image and is harsh towards Ben, Kevin also suffers this from Driscoll, and Charmcaster also suffers this from her uncle Hex. Verdona doesn't count as this since she still loves Ben and only favors Gwen because she doesn't understand human emotions.
  • Adaptational Heroism: Unlike the original series, Ben is now more serious and no longer immature or arrogant. However when either hero or villain girl punches him, he spanks their behind due to not hitting girls, which some of them usually mistake as him being a perv but Charmcaster and Lucy don't get mad at him. He decides to follow orders and takes responsibility. Kevin, Charmcaster, Elena, and Albedo also become this and join the crew while Gorvan is not a spy and instead is a trustworthy member of the plumbers.
  • Adaptational Villainy: Kevin's story about his step-dad is true and the reason why he ran away from home. Even worse, the deadbeat man doesn't regret it. Sunny also fits this with her personality being worst.
  • Anti-Hero: Gorvan can count as this since he doesn't mind killing his enemies and doesn't seem to understand Ben's discomfort about that.
  • Complete Monster: Vilgax is the more dangerous enemy of the whole game. He conquered 10 worlds, destroyed many, and had betrayed anyone that helps him. He is irredeemable and only cares about power. He betrayed Kevin for power and even abused Albedo into his own slave. He even goes too far by now planning to eliminate the universe with him as the only ruler of it and not ever caring if any other villains were killed. Sunny, Zs'skayr, Aggregor, and Zombozo also fit in this category.
  • Darker and Edgier: Despite not being as dark as Alien Force and Ultimate Alien, it is still rated T for a reason. Some heroes and villains die in this while there are scenes of characters being abused by a villain.
  • Death by Adaption: Driscoll instead didn't survive the Negative 10 incident and had died, leaving Enoch as king. Heroes or villains get killed in this.
  • Even Evil Have Loved Ones: Although he's only misunderstood, Albedo fits into this since he still loves his brother Ben and their grandpa Max but doesn't seem to love Gwen, which saddens her. However, it is justified since she resembles Sunny and hadn't done anything to protect Albedo from her. Sixsix and Sevenseven are also this trope because they seem to care about each other to the point that the other would try to avenge the other.
  • Even Evil Have Standards: Even Albedo fears Zs'skayr for good reason.
  • Hypocrite: Julie wanted Ben to support her for her tennis games but yet she doesn't support his double life as both a boyfriend and superhero. Gwen is also this by outright not trusting Charmcaster and once called out Kai for caring more about Ben's alien forms but yet she trusts former sociopath Kevin and is also a complete jerk to Ben during some times that are not even his fault and doesn't even apologize for them. This trope is why Ben doesn't call anyone out for their selfish and immature behavior.
  • Jerka**: Julie, Gwen, and Michael are this trope but Gorvan is merely strict and is unaware of how Ben feels. However, Gorvan still has good intentions and later on feels bad for making Ben miserable with the whole killing thing. Gwen's mother and Kevin's step-father are also this trope because they don't leave a good image.
  • Tearjerker: When Elena dies, it's really sad to see Ben cry about it. Also Kevin's past is really sad and everyone can't blame for his insanity.
  • Took A Level In Jerka**: Unlike her Classic counterpart, Julie Yamamoto's reason for dumping Ben is selfish, greedy, petty, and pathetic. Gwen also is this trope with her always bossing Ben around and blaming him for his breakup with Julie, which wasn't even his fault since he did sent them a clone that was nice and quiet during the whole thing. Fortunately, Kai and the others call them out for this attitude and Gwen changes this behavior. Gwen's mother is this towards Ben for not being popular and Kevin's step-dad hates him for being an Osmosion.
  • Took A Level In Kindness: Unlike her Omniverse counterpart, Kai Green regrets what she said to Ben and wants to be with Ben for who he is. She even calls out Julie for her selfishness and greediness.
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