Ben 10: Multi Trixes (BTMT) is a fan fiction series franchise by Roads that is based on the Ben 10 franchise.

Ben 10: Multi Trixes (BTMT)

Ben 10: Multi Trixes is the first series in the franchise that picks up a year after the ending of Ben 10: Alien Force. Ultimate Alien is not canon to it, although some UA events happened differently outside the series. Its fourth season takes place a whole year after the rest of it.

It is in the middle of its fourth season, and a first-season-only reboot is in progress.

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Ben 10,000: Multi Trixes

It will get a sequel after its end called Ben 10,000: Multi Trixes that follows Ben 10,000 with the All-Power-Trix as he fights new villains. It will be extremely short, with only two seasons.

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Rumored Third Series

It is rumored to get another sequel, but nothing is known about it.

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