Ben 10: Cosmic Dimensions is a video game and a sequel to Ben 10: Multiverse.


  • Ben Tennyson: A now 12-year-old hero from Bellwood. His Omnitrix color is green. He is voiced by Tara Strong.
  • No Watch Ben: Ben's counterpart who never got the Omnitrix but can still fight bad guys. He finally gets his own Omnitrix. He is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal.
  • Ben 23: Ben's 14-year-old counterpart who's identity is revealed in his world and let fame go to his head. His Omnitrix color is blue. He is voiced by Scott Menville.
  • Gwen 10: Ben's 16-year-old female counterpart. She is the big sister of the group. Her Omnitrix color is pink.
  • Emo Ben: Ben's emo counterpart
  • Ben 10,000


  • Albedo: Ben and Albedo's counterpart who suffered neglect from his family and abuse from his cruel and selfish cousin, despite having good grades and doing good in school. After being unfairly expelled for defending himself, he found the Ultimatrix and tried to use his powers for good but then his aliens became unstable and accidentally killed his enemies. When his identity was exposed, his family rejected and disowned him but Albedo stood up to his abusive cousin and left her paralyzed to the point that she can't fight. To avoid being arrested, he ran away from home and went into hiding, despite his grandpa wanting to help him. In the woods, he tried a bunch of time to remove his watch after finding out that it was only using him but it wouldn't come off and this left him depressed. However, he met Eon and decided to join him after being promised to get rid of his watch. After he is defeated, he is sent to his own planet and he is brought back to normal but his watch is finally removed and he happily throws it away towards a place where no one will find it. He is found by his counterparts but he hugs them and apologizes. They forgive him and his world's Azmuth offers him a job on the Galvan's planet. He agrees to it and is now currently Galvan, much to his happiness. This version of him is considered tragic and redeemable. He is also confirmed to be a different Albedo and is not the one from the first game but shares the same backstory as him. His Omnitrix color is red. Powers and Strength: Same powers as all Bens but also has Ultimate forms and was able to paralyze his own abusive cousin without his powers, which is considered a strength because she's older than him. Weakness: Doesn't use Ultimate Forms out of fear of hurting someone, has been turned unstable by his own watch, and is terrified of Ghostfreak due to hearing about the said alien being able to control Omnitrix wielders. Main alien form: Evil Way Big. Voiced by Yuri Lowenthal.
  • Bad Ben: Ben's evil alternate future self who comes from a universe where he never was a good guy and used his Omnitrix to kill every innocent people in his path. Even other villains out there fear him and he once overthrew Vilgax, who was proud of the boy's accomplishments. After he is defeated, he fully becomes insane and is now turned into the new Ghostfreak. He then cruelly abuses No Watch Ben and tries to kill him but the hero opens the ship's roof and shows the sun. Due to his new form's weakness to the light, he is burned by it and turns into dust, ending his insanity once and for all. His Omnitrix color is light green. Powers and Strength: Same as all Bens. Weakness: Due to always turning into the same alien form, he can be killed by sun light and has developed a fear of it. Main alien form: Ultimate Ghostfreak. He is voiced by Steven Blum due to only talking in alien form.
  • Mad Ben: Ben's punk counterpart who comes from an apocalyptic world and believes it's one man for himself due to being abandoned by his family and having been bullied by Warlords. He wants revenge on the multiverse for making him live in such a horrible world. After he is defeated, the satelite that he worked on starts malfunctioning and he finally gives a horrified look. The satelite then explodes with him near it but it's unknown if he survived or not. His Omnitrix color is orange. Powers and Strength: Same as all Bens and doesn't have any feline fears, having seen worse. Weakness: Due to always turning into the same alien form, his anger gets in the way of things and he is most likely vulnerable to explosions, if he didn't survive the explosion. Main alien form: Mad Rath.
  • Sunny 10: Ben's evil female counterpart who selfishly used her Omnitrix for fame and fortune but when her cousin tried to stop her, she murdered him and became a villain. After being defeated, she is sent into the Null-Void. She loses her watch and whines about it but her mouth gets wrapped by Gwen 10 and she is taken to a prison as she shows an angry glare at her rival. Her Omnitrix color is crimson. Powers and Strength: Same as all Bens and can tie up her victims with her alien form's bandages. Weakness: Due to always being the same alien form, she always gets tangled up in her bandages and can be frozen solid. Main alien form: Evil Female Snare-Oh.
  • Benzarro
  • Eon


  • Ben 10: He goes back to his world but puts the Omnitrix away in the rust bucket for safekeeping and continues his life as his parents welcome him back home.
  • No Watch Ben: He goes back to his world and is currently now an Omnitrix wielder. He finds Gwen in his home and decides to help her with her homework, much to her confusion. When their grandpa visits them, Ben just shows his Omnitrix and claims that they need to talk, much to grandpa's shock.
  • Gwen 10: She goes back to her world and is reunited with her little cousin, who is happy to have her back. When she finally asks him about how he really feels, he admits that he was jealous but accepted her as a hero and sees her as a big sis to him. Happy by this, she spends more time with him and decides to go home with him. She lives with Ben's parents after she stood up to her mother for how she treated Ben.
  • Ben 23: He goes back to his world but changes his personality and becomes a normal hero. He avoids the press and finally makes amends with his family. He then visits his late grandpa's grave and finally apologizes to him for arrogance and selfishness. He goes back to school and focuses on his studies. Unknown to others, he imagines seeing his comrades and thanks them for teaching him a lesson.
  • Emo Ben: He goes back to his world and is finally redeemed. He moves in with Elena and they get a future together.
  • Ben 10'000: He goes back to his world and finally spends time with his family.
  • Albedo: He is on Azmuth's planet and has been turned into one of the species on it but is now a good guy and helps Azmuth rebuilding the Ultmatrix but it is now stable and he shows a smile at finally redeeming his old friend. It is heard having a female voice and no longer using it's power for evil.
  • Bad Ben: When his alien form was destroyed, he is confirmed to be dead and his watch has been destroyed. His world is happy without him.
  • Mad Ben: When his last known location is investigated, his body isn't found. It still remained unknown if he did escape or not.
  • Sunny 10: In her prison cell, she is given bad food and is not happy about it.
  • Benzarro


(after knocking out a bad guy, No Watch Ben hears the new Omnitrix beeping and sees it turning into a galaxy watch. He activates it and sees a hologram showing him Swampfire, amazing him)

  • No Watch Ben: (amazed) "This is amazing. (he then smiles) He will do."

(he presses the screen. He then transforms into Swampfire and strikes a pose)

  • Swampfire: (yelling) "SWAMPFIRE! (he then smells something) Ew, what's that smell? (he sniffs himself) Is that me?"

(he then goes to fight)


  • Ben Tennyson: After wielding the Omnitrix and saving the world, his Omnitrix's black side turned green and the white lines turned black. He also became more mature and heroic.
  • No Watch Ben: Unlike the the other Bens, No Watch Ben never found the Omnitrix and never got to be a hero. He ended up being a normal kid and had the worst summer trip. Only when he's 16, he finds out about the Omnitrix and ends up getting one.
  • Ben 23: Unlike the other Bens, Ben 23 didn't have Grandpa Max to guide him because the latter was killed by some aliens that were sent by Vilgax before Ben 23 even got his Omnitrix. This caused him to be a fame-hungry, immature, and arrogant celebrity and also having a prejudice hatred against all aliens. However, he is not selfish and does care about innocent lives. Then the good Bens show up and start redeeming him by showing that not all aliens are bad.
  • Gwen 10: Instead of Ben finding the Omnitrix, Gwen found it but uses it to protect him and acted like a big sister to him. However, their relationship is becoming strained because of Ben being jealous of her due to her mom's neglect towards him but this all ends when she meets the good Bens and they encourage her to always be there for the kid.
  • Emo Ben: Instead of curing Ultimate Kevin, he remorsefully put him down after now seeing how dangerous he became. His cousin Gwen hated him for it and disowned him before attempting to kill him but he defeated her and sent her to the Null Void. He then suffered from depression due to losing his two loved ones but was found by the good Bens and joined them to redeem himself for breaking the no-killing rule.
  • Ben 10'000: In the future, Ben 10'000 is married to Kai Green and they have two kids 12-year-old Ken Tennyson and 14-year-old Gwendolyn Tennyson but him and Ken don't usually get along because he's not always there for him. However, he meets the good Bens and they start teaching him how to be a good father.

TV Tropes

  • Abusive Parents: Albedo's family is neglectful towards him but does have a good relationship with his grandpa. Gwen 10's mom only cares about fame and image while disliking her own nephew for not being popular, which Gwen 10 becomes aware of and it angers her. Even Mad Ben's family is not very well liked either but he still goes beyond his excuse.
  • Adaptational Heroism: When Albedo gets defeated, they do the right thing and give up their watches since they feel bad for what they did. His actions are justified since he suffered the worst than the other evil Bens. Nega Ben is no longer evil and is a good guy now. Eon is no longer abusive but instead a grandfather figure to Albedo and gave him sympathy.
  • Adaptational Villainy: Bad Ben is more sociopathic and abusive than ever. Mad Ben goes beyond his tragic excuse and now becomes an unlikeable bully. Sunny 10 used her powers for selfish needs and turned evil by killing her cousin without any remorse.
  • Anti-Hero: Emo Ben acts like this due to not feeling nervous about death but it is justified since he had once killed his former best friend just to stop him.
  • Complete Monster: Bad Ben is a sociopathic and abusive teenager. Before getting his watch, he is already said to not have respected anyone but when he gets it, he uses it for evil and has killed over a bunch of people who haven't done anything to him. He even killed his own family and overthrew his mentor. He also barely cares for his allies and has abused them by using his alien form to hurt them. He even goes too far by cruelly abusing No Watch Ben and threatening to kill him.
  • Even Evil Have Standards: Even Mad Ben and Sunny 10 were stunned when Bad Ben decided to target a few planets that can't even fight back. They might be bullies who have killed their family and are just as evil as him but they're not monsters. Albedo and Emo Ben don't count since they are only neutral instead of evil but still also shows shock and horror at what Bad Ben has done.
  • Face-Heel-Turn: Look at Adaptational Heroism for how Emo Ben and Albedo fit this category.
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