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Bella: New color of the rainbow is an American 2D animated preschool show that airs on Nick Jr.


Bella goes on imaginary adventures with her family and friends

Notable Things About It

The show is targeted towards young girls, but boys and older audiences started to love it too


Season 1

On September 3rd 2018 the show was greenlit and the first episode aired on September 16th 2018 and the final episode aired on November 14th 2018

  • New color of the rainbow
  • Get to know Bella/Get to know Courtney
  • Get to know Jake/Get to know Rose
  • Get to know Bella's mom/Get to know Bella's dad
  • Into the forest
  • Bella meets Dora the Explorer
  • Scout the puppet
  • Bella meets Bluey
  • The pool
  • Rose and Jake get into an argument

Season 2

The show was picked up by Nickelodeon and renewed for a second season on February 14th 2019, The first episode aired on Marth 18th 2019, and the last episode aired on May 6th 2019

  • Bella meets the Backyardigans
  • Attack on the castle
  • The underwater castle
  • Scout's problem
  • The market
  • Bella's birthday
  • Song parade
  • Into the thick of it
  • The adventure
  • Bella meets the Paw Patrol

Season 3

  • Little Red Riding Bella

Bella:New color of the rainbow on Paramount+

The entire first season was added to Paramount+ on March 9th 2021

The entire Second season was added to Paramount+ on July 2nd 2021